It's time to count our Top 30 Women's Scene Wrestlers of 2016! So here they are:


With a surprisingly quick debut, with a lot of controversy around her WWE RAW career, Dana Brooke is someone you can't miss.

She defeated Paige and Becky Lynch. She was Emma/lina, now Charlotte's protegee. She knows how to be annoying and to be noticed as a heel and we still can see her potential!


WOH have their stars and if you watch them you can't miss the charismatic Mandy Leon!

Mandy had a busy 2016, with a growing women's division in ROH and a lot of competition. We think she is one of the potential Women of Honer huge stars for the 2016-2017! With rivalries against Hania The Howling Huntress and Taeler Hendrix, her career is on the way to become great.


First notable Genetic superior in our Top 30!

With several appearances in WWE NXT the daughter of Paul Ellering (The Authors of Pain Manager in NXT), makes a statement  that she is seriously into wrestling. Then this young lady went to SHINE and started a rivalry with Tessa Blanchard - another n-generation wrestler. Now the rumor says that she may appear in WWE Network's All-Women Tournament in 2017!

A very promising new talent!


What an year did Liv Morgan have in NXT!!!

Challenging Asuka, rivalry with Billie Kay & Peyton Royce, more fight and evolution of her skills, appearance at WWE Live event next to Bayley and Sasha Banks . The Jersey Native is one of the NXT promising talents, always hungry for more battles and new wrestling maneuvers!


Santana Garrett is an amazing wrestler. She's talented and skillful and the biggest promotions in USA and worldwide saw that.

Garrett had a taste of fame in TNA and WWE NXT, but she still got a lot to do and show. We hope to see her soon involved most permanently with WWE, until then, the women's indie scene is her playground.


The Draft has changed many lives. For several NXT Superstars it was more than a change. It was a 360 degree rotation in their career.

Carmella was one of the luckiest. The Princess of Staten Island made a statement since day one in SD Live. Her rivalries with Natalya and Nikki Bella, helped her character to evolve and to blend with the WWE veterans, like she's been there for years!


1/2 of the Kimber Bombs. A woman who is not afraid of competition and is ready to conquer new wrestling horizons.

From SHINE & SHIMMER to WWE, this young woman is ready to add more chapters to her amazing career, more OMG moments like her CHIKARA Title won!


From WWE Performance Center recruits to Iconic Australian Tag Team!

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce walked a long way to reach that point. Now they are concentrating on a huge challenge - Asuka! The mean duo is part of the NXT's fresh air wave and really made an impressive statement in their women's division, putting everyone on notice (except Asuka, Ember Moon & Nikki Cross)...


A promising indie star, who received a tryout with TNA and is currently  more famous with her appearances in SHINE.

Latasha is someone you should watch for. She has a lot of potential and all she needs is someone from the "big guys" to help her develop it.


Former WWE developmental territory Alumna (FCW - known as Sonia), Su Yung is now one of the most colorful and talented indie wrestlers.

She works for SHINE, WSU (current - Spirit Champion) and many others indie promotions. She is skillful and her The Grudge-alike gimmick really works for her. A WWE loss is another promotion's win!  


One of the most valuable assets in ROH's Women of Honor - the dominant Kelly Klein!

She is powerful and ready for a fight. Kelly Klein is a rising superstar and ROH is her experimentation place. Of course Klein went down to the Independent circuit for some more action, but her future for now is related to ROH and their (eventually) coming WOH title.


Nia. Jax.

Power. Strength. Fearsome. Dominant.

Of course Nia's role in WWE RAW at this point is to beat down injured people and jobbers. But this is the beginning! We hope to see some great matches from her in the future - she's got a "plateau of delicatessens" in the face of the other RAW and SDL women like Paige, Summer Rae, Becky Lynch, Emmalina, Bayley and etc. So we will enjoy to watch any of them!



Sienna or Allysin Kay is another indie legend. If you watch BG (Breaking Ground) on WWE Network you can see her in the documented tryout at the PC.

Now, Sienna is a former Knockouts Champion (next to her other countless titles reigns at the indie scene). She still works for SHIMMER, WSU and SHINE and she is a woman-powerhouse who have made a lot for the women's wrestling evolution and revolution!


Thunder Rosa or better known as Kobra Moon in Lucha Underground, is one of the most interesting characters in the show on El Ray TV.

Her storyline with Drago is about to evolve and her Reptile tribe is about to secure her a vengeance over the LU Trios Champions. Why not see her as the next woman who will win that title belts. Her character is really enjoyable!


Natalya spend the most of 2016 chasing the Divas title, attacking random women Superstars and establishing herself as a heel - again!

One of the WWE most talented Superstar is always ready for action and we just can't wait to see her compete against Nikki Bella. 


Tessa Blanchard is one prospective legend. 

The young woman is ready to do a lot if the opportunity arrives. Her presence on the indie women's wrestling scene is strong and it's a matter of time for her to receive the opportunity of her life.


The Fearless One returned to WWE in the Mid-Year of 2016, after serious career threatening injury, with new finisher and more ambitious to win.

Her rivalry with Carmella, was the well needed storyline for them both. Now Nikki is continuing with the next challenge. More vicious and dangerous - Natalya. Be sure that WWE SmackDown Women's championship will be included soon in her plans. 


Why is she so far up in the top 30? She doesn't even wrestle? 

That is the point! People who are not familiar with the indie scene, think that she can't wrestle, but this young woman did what many can't do - played her role!

As Allie in TNA Laura Dennis prove that some wrestlers really know how to play a part. Maybe this is not an Oscar performance, but it can fool people who never heard of Cherry Bomb, that Allie can't wrestle. Actually Allie can and she is one of the legendary indie competitors, that you must check on YouTube!


Since her time in OVW, Taeler Hendrix showed her many faces - from fan favorite honorable champion to a seductive villainous heel.

After taking her chances with TNA and WWE, finally she found her comfort zone - WOH of Ring of Honor. No matter who of the amazing fellow competitors she will fight, Taeler is always ready to strike unexpected.


Eh, Rosemary!

That mystical, demonic, dark feminine entity that supports the Decay on their path of terror.

A current champion, Rosemary is not afraid of any kind of competition. Steel cells, tables, mists and everything you can imagine can be used by this dark woman, to prevail over her opponents.


The Wicked Witch of SDLive, not only have an amazing debut on the main roster, she is the current SmackDown Women's champion. 

For Alexa Bliss the play time was over, the moment she turned heel and she viciously chased the gold ( first in NXT, later in SDLive ) until she succeeded!  


Deonna Purrazzo accomplishes many indie women's dream - to compete in a major promotion in USA. Deonna competed in all three of them - WWE, TNA and ROH.

This young lady earned the nick name The Busiest Women in the Sport Entertainments by going from one promotion to another. We'll keep an eye on her, because we are sure that talent like hers, can't be ignored for a long time by WWE.


Of course Becky Lynch deserves a place up there in the chart, but we decided to wait, before we awarded her with that honor. She is capable of more.

Now Lynch's only goal is to regain her title belt back from our #10!


Sexy Star did what Ivelisse was unsuccessful to do -  she won Lucha Underground title!!!

Of course that didn't last long, but it was historical. So this year after series of important battles with men and women, Sexy Star climbed the ladder to 7th position.  


Ember Moon, formerly known as Athena, is stunning! Literally and metaphorically!

Her accomplishments at the indie's scene are limitless and legendary. Now her new peak is NXT and it's women's division throne. Her new Olympus! Olympus occupied by The Empress of Tomorrow... It's just a matter of time for Moon to reach that important milestone. The only real threats on her way are Asuka and Nikki Cross, but one day we are sure she will hold that title belt and she will rule the division in NXT, and after that the WWE's.


OK! That was a last moment turn. Bayley was going to be #4, but at the last moment we decided to bring her a step down.

4-steps down from last edition's #1 spot!

But Bayley will reach the top again. Just after her RAW debut, the things for her didn't work out very well. She had some traditional wars with Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox, while The Boss Sasha Banks and Charlotte worked for the whole women's roster of RAW. 

Next time, Bayley! 


From #13 to #4!

That is a huge jump for Jade a.k.a. Mia Yim and it is a well deserved one.

After months of playing the role of infantile member of The Dollhouse, Jade grew up as character and revealed her full potential by winning the TNA Knockouts title. Jade is one of the most experienced talents that exist. Impact Wrestling really hits the bull's eye with this one.   


The Boss stepped back from the second place this year...

And what a year she had! Hell in a Cell. Iron Woman. Main Event RAW. Appearance at WrestleMania. The Boss really ruled most of the time, stepping back only to one woman. Now Sasha is at the beginning of a new feud with Nia Jax and this one will be hard ... for Jax! We hope to see more from her in 2017 and to watch more great matches that involves her.


Who dares to push the Boss, backward? 

The Empress of course, and not a regular one, but the Empress of Tomorrow! The unbeatable NXT Women's Champion who is on her way to set a record long reign, who can face any challenge even the great Alumna Mickie James. 

Asuka is the best of the best, the top of the tops. There is only one huge thing that didn't allow her to be #1 and it's her rare appearance outside the NXT TakeOvers, her mostly talk-the-talk reign on TV. Asuka's title retains can be counted on the fingers of the one hand.

Good luck next year!


Love it or hate it, this year the Natural Selection had the last word.

Undefeated on PPV. 4-times RAW Women's Champion. One of the most vicious heels in WWE's history, one of the toughest women in WWE. 

We agree with Pro Wrestling Illustrated that 2016 was the year of Charlotte Flair (with a lot of help from Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ric Flair and Dana Brooke). At the end Charlotte had the last laugh and at this point there are only two serious opponents for her... Oops, one - The Boss is out of the picture for now. Bayley! But until we see this war happen, we'll have to wait and bow down to the Queen!


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