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This is our 3rd year of 'counting' the 30 women, who caught our sight, on the wrestling stage/ring. From WWE and Impact, to SHINE and Lucha Libre, and between. Here they are! And believe us it wasn't that easy to select only 30 from the 50 nominees. It wasn't easy even to pick 50 nominees, because women's wrestling talents are more than 50 names in a row. 

Here are our top 30 who impressed us. If you have your own vision of the chart, we'll be happy if you share it with us on Facebook, or here in Blogger, or on our e-mail:

Enjoy it!


This team impressed us with its amazing skills and talent. But both women are well established as a singles competitors.

Holidead made SHINE Wrestling audience and fans, to 'Wow' in amazement when she darw with Ivelisse at SHINE NOVA Championship Tournament, which lead to the elimination of both women, but show the wrestling world that Holidead is a tough competitor, who is making a serious statement!

Thunder Rosa is well known to Lucha Underground fans as Kobra Moon, but she is making a name for herself, prior entering the temple with her face-painted gimmick and high-fly style, long time ago.

Both, as a team had their chance to challenge SHINE Tag Team Champions Ivelisse and Mercedes Martinez, unfortunately unsuccessful, for now. Together or as singles competitors, these two deserve to be watched closely by the fans!


2017 was successful for Sienna/Allysin Kay in and out of Impact Wrestling, where she hold the KO title, for a second time after defeating Rosemary, in a period of 126 days, before she met Gail Kim.

Actually, Sienna's role in Impact is kind of limited, but her legacy as indie worker is legendary and solid back up. In 2017 Sienna did what she did the previous year - beat everyone she could, acted as a powerhouse or ally. We expect to see more from her, especially when the KO division is having some new indie talents, as a fresh additions. 


The busiest girl in the business, had a lot of booking in 2017. 

Her work for ROH is the top of her accomplishments. Helping to establishing the Women of Honor show is really important part of her career at this point. Meanwhile, she was a 'replacement' for Mae Young Classic, representing Italy, participate in matches for Impact Wrestling, NXT, WWE, and many other famous or not promotions.

We hope that in 2018, she will have more success and will sign with someone of the Biggest two (WWE or Impact) or we might see her at SHINE or why not Lucha Underground. But we eish her the best of all (WWE/NXT)!

This rising star is really impressive. That is confirmed by her booking schedule that include SHINE, SHIMMER and many others. 

One of the hugest success for her was her participation in the SHINE NOVA Championship Tournament, where she caught our sight. With her colorful gimmick and devotion to wrestling, we hope that she will own 2018!

Allie ended 2017 as a #1 Contender for the KO Title. Not bad, but somehow she didn't make the desired expression, even when she got involved in a 3-Way match with Gail Kim and Sienna. Her alliance with Rosemary for a while was catchy too. 

We will tell you a secret! 2018 definitely starts far-than well for Allie and soon you will learn why. Meanwhile she is one of our 30 to watch in 2018 at Impact Wrestling shows.

LVN really makes waves in Impact!

With her new crazy gimmick and ending the year 2017 by defeating Rosemary for the KO's Belt, that girl really shocked/impressed the wrestling world. We hope to see more from her in the following 2018, not only for Impact Wrestling, but on the independent scene, as well. 

This young woman has a stunning career at the indie scene, as well as in WWE as a guest, jobbing Superstars at NXT!

For us, her match at Mae Young Classic, the first round, against Kairi Sane was the top of her 2017, experience. While we are waiting to see her signed sooner or later, we still enjoy to follow her career development in promotions like SHIMMER, SHINE and WSU... We have the good feeling that Blanchard will be one of the most successful women of 2018, because she works hard and put her heart in what she is doing.


Once you see Jazzy Gabert - 'Alpha Female' in the ring, you can't forget her!

Jazzy made earthshaking appearance at WWE Mae Young Classic and despite losing the first round, she won the hearts of WWE Universe. Unluckily, serious neck injury took away the chance to sign with WWE and NXT, from her. Jazzy will undergo a serious surgery and we hope that she will return stronger and prepare for a second chance with Promotion #1!  

Vega made her impact on NXT's men's division, helping her protegee Andrade 'Cien' Almas, to capture the NXT Championship. But Zelina is more than cute valet -  just like Lita or fellow NXT Nikki Cross, she is not afraid to hit the men with her hurricanrana variations arsenal.

We know Zelina, before she becomes Zelina! That's why we are pushing her here and we hope that in 2018 she will leave her mark on NXT women's division, because she is amazing and talented as a wrestler too.

She is on our radar for sure!

Her stunning debut for Impact Wrestling, might be called 'one of the greatest moves' that this promotion has ever did, for their KO's division!

To throw her in a rivalry with Rosemary, was brilliant! 

But Taya had her lows this year. Her problems with AAA, really scared her career, a little bit. Her role in Lucha Underground is still not very clear. But we are hoping that in 2018, she will establish herself in Impact Wrestling and will win the KO's title. As for her luchadora career, we wish her a lot of success in that field too.

Someone is standing strong at the #20!

The Gatekeeper of ROH, Women of Honor's division - Kelly Klein was undefeated, most of the time. Before she faced Karen Q. 

For us Kelly Klein and Deonna Purrazzo are still the iconic veterans of WOH. Klein is really impressive in her heel gimmick and with her powerhouse moves-set, so we are leaving her here, expecting to see more from her in 2018, out of ROH!

2017 was a successful year for former NXT Superstar Carmella. Her main accomplishment was winning the first-ever Miss Money In The Bank match (twice). 

She lose a lot of time, messing with James Ellsworth and participating in a lot of backstage angles, but now all of the sights are concentrated on 'when she will cash in' and 'will she become a WWE SmackDown Women's Champion' questions. 

2018 will show us where she is going! 

It becomes harder and harder, when you are climbing up! 

At different point of time every single of these top 30 entries, and the other 20 nominees, who didn't make it, deserves to be on #1 position. But that is impossible. We decided to put Nikki Cross in here, to motivate her! To make her hungry and more crazy for success.

2017 was the year when Nikki was so close to NXT Women's title and her epic match against Asuka, was really stunning. So, we hope to see our favorite NXT Crazy Cross crashing the opponents and finally reaching the gold in 2018!

Some people will complain but Nia Jax is one of the progressive Superstars on RAW and in WWE at all. Actually we can barely remember that she, Alexa Bliss and Carmella, were in NXT, two years ago. They are making their own legacy, while we are writing this post.

Actually, Jax was so close to the gold during 2017, but there was always the combined power of her foes, that took he rout of the top. We hope that in 2018, she might be rewarded with one of the belts, because it's just a matter of time. 

In 2017, after almost 10 years since she was a Divas Champion, Natalya was able to catch the Blue brand's women's gold, defeating the highly competitive and ultra athletic, The Glowing Naomi!

Most of the time Natti was someone who demanded respect and displayed jealousy from the other women. Her reign wasn't that long, because her success overwhelmed her, but we still expect a lot from her in 2018. 

The fearsome Demon Assassin, didn't have that much of success by winning Impact KO's Gold in 2017, but she is still one of the greatest Knockouts in the company and it's a matter of time to see her back in the title picture. 

In 2018 we hope to see winning a lot of matches and outside the Impact Zone.

LuFisto is one of the iconic indie workers and SHINE originals, that waited so long for her well deserved SHINE Championship defeating other two pro-wrestling icons - Allysin Kay and Mercedes Martinez. Now she is holding on to the belt not allowing anyone to cause a threat for her reign. 

We can only sit and wait what LuFisto will accomplish in 2018 and who will be her next challenger.

Shayna Baszler is a bully and she is not ashamed of that. She bullied her way through the Mae Young Classic until she was stopped on the finals by Kairi Sane. She bullied her way into the pro-wrestling women's scene, making a name for herself. Now she is on her way to bullying the NXT women's lockerroom chasing the main goal - the NXT Women's title!

Baszler definitely left her mark on 2017.

With two combined reigns of 149 days, Naomi is not just the amazing athlete who accomplish a lot with dedication and hard work. She is embodiment of the patience. She waited and missed several chances. She was so close and so deserving, and yet she didn't make it!

But in 2017, Nomi's Glow secure her two amazing victories and clean out the path for more fame and legendary accomplishments. 2018 is just beginning!


2017 introduce to us Kairi Sane -  The Japanese Pirate Princess, who took over WWE inaugural Mae Young Classic and WWE Universe as a Ocean storm or tsunami!

The amazing Sane had really good 2017 winning the tournament, signings with WWE and participate in a historical fatal-4-way, that was able to determine the Asuka's heir for the NXT Women's division throne. Since she was unsuccessful Kairi showed her amazing skills and desire to win, that will lead her to the top, soon. We can't wait to see.


Before we see her as the Riott Squad's leader, Ruby Riot (yes with one 't' back then), made a strong and fast impact at NXT Women's division, that started with vicious war against Nikki Cross and ended in a title opportunity against Asuka. 

With her stunning abilities - kicks and holds, nontraditional, fresh look Riott is definitely someone who will change the WWE women's division forever. After amazing 2017 it's time we'll see if she is ready to takeover 2018!

A little is known about her, but a lot she had accomplished in 2017!

Kelly started to create a really strong legacy and respected name on the indies scene. Her major success came as she won SHINE's inaugural NOVA Championship Tournament. 

We'll see how her 199+ days reign will continue in 2018!

Piper Niven was one of the biggest and pleasant surprises at Mae Young Classic in every possible way. Actually better know as Viper, she wins the fans heart every time she step on the ring. With her coming out of nowhere sentons and great selling ability, we really hope to see this young woman competing on a larger stage, in 2018! For example - like WWE!

Actually in 2017, Banks won her fourth Raw Women's Championship and hold it for 8 days. The shortest reign in her career. She was overused and at some point fans was ready to see new faces in the title picture, like Emma.

But overall The Boss is a Legend already! Her legacy can't be doubtful. She is still a huge star in WWE and she will be in the following years. 

It took her a long time, to reach the SmackDown Women's title! 2017 will be the year when Charlotte participate in the Money In the Bank Ladder matches and defeat Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series, in a Champion vs. Champion match. Of course she won the gold prior the Series and earn a ticket for the show.

2018 definitely hides a lot of surprises and interesting matches for her and we can't wait to see, if its better than 2017.

Up-up-and away to the top 5!

The Iconic duo of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, is a real tag team power in NXT. Actually in 2017 Peyton Royce was the most active member of the duo, as she even won a singles match opportunity against Asuka and spent the most of the year defeating her fellow Superstars. But Kay was always ringside so they both deserve to be here, not only because they can win at any cost, but they are one of the most interesting women's factions in WWE, these days.


Ember Moon is slowly crawling to the top of the Annual top 30, while she already landed herself at the NXT Women's division top. 

One of the several real threats... why not the only one sure real threat for the Empress of Tomorrow's reign, back in 2017, was successful at the end of the year to take Asuka's place. A long awaited and well-deserved place as a NXT Women's Champion. She is extremely skilled, amazingly athletic and her combination of power moves with high-fly maneuvers is unstoppable combination. We hope that soon we'll see her on the #1 spot in Raw or SmackDown Live, and of course on the AWOW Annual top 30! :) 

The indie icon finally received a lot of respect from WWE, the company that rejected her in the past, because she didn't fit in the then-Divas mold, in 2017.

Mercedes actually returned from hiatus, re-entering the indie scene, where she is Legend and ruler of the ring. She even won the SHINE Tag Team Championship with another Latino icon, the Puerto Rico's sensation Ivelisse. The peak of 2017 bring to her the participation at WWE Mae Young Classic and a short rivalry with Ember Moon. 

Mercedes is amazing, talented competitor, that every women's wrestling fan must know and we hope to see more from her in 2018.

The Goddess of WWE is here!

From naive Blue berry babyface to fiery, mean, confident heel! Bliss walked a long way to be here where she is today. 2017 was a great year for her. She became the first woman to hold both Raw and SmackDown Women's Championship. She defended the title in a kendo stick on a poll and five way matches. She dared to anger Mickie James with her attitude, retaining her the title against the veteran in a vicious fights.

So here she is - great with the mic, with good ring appearance, your Raw Women's champion and WWE Goddess - Alexa Bliss!

With recorded 212 wins, according to Internet Wrestling Database (combined in NXT and RAW)!

Asuka, the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow, ruled the NXT Women's division until August 24, 2017, starting her title reign in April 1, 2016. She was unstoppable in there. She continued to dominate in RAW, after her main roster debut in October 22 at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs! She even become the last-standing member of team Raw at Survivor Series, eliminating Tamina and Natalya, two veterans. 

A stunning competitor, with vicious kicks, hits and submissions in her repertoire, charismatic and fun, Asuka is a Wrestling Icon!  

The legacy is made! The legend is born! After Royal Rumbel, we can be sure that 2018 will be Asuka's year, as 2017 was!

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