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Yes! We want to see more from WSU Champion Cherry Bomb, better known as Allie in TNA!

Miss Serano and myself, sit and talk (virtually, in Bulgaria-USA web-connection) about our almost simultaneously inspiration, after we have learned that TNA has a new Knockouts Champion!

Rosemary is topping the division, after a bitter fight with Jade in a steel cage (I think that this is not broadcasted, yet)!

That is one of the greatest decisions that TNA's creatives are taking these days. Despite the fact that 7 of 12 (58%, for comparison: in RAW there are 4 former/current champions from 9 women; in SDL there are 3 of 7) Knockouts have already been a title holders, Rosemary/ Courtney Rush is one of the TNA's indies treasure, bulls-eyes, that really worked well and her character is really impressive in its darkness.

We decided to put Allie in a title shot match against Rosemary. Of course we will book Maria as an initiator of these series of brutal events in the ring. We see it this way:

Step 1: The Troubles beginning!
Maria /with Laurel and Sienna calls out Allie in the ring. She tells her former-assistnt/slave, that she will forgive her about "the Gail Kim's incident" on Bound for Glory. Maria wants to "rehabilitate"  Allie, but she need her to pass several obstacles. Maria books Allie against Rosemary in a non-title match. Kanellis tryed to "calm down" Allie, as mentioning that Sienna and Laurel Van Ness will accompanied her (what a "good news"). 

Of course Allie will lose the match via interference by her "valets".

Step 2:  The Trip To Hell
Maria continues her "acts of good will and forgivness" by putting Allie in a ridiculous situations like 2 vs. 2 Tag team match where Allie teamed up with Laurel vs. Sienna & Rosemary, as Laurel dumped he rin the middle of the match. 3 vs. 1 where Sienna, Laurel and Rosemary fights against Allie and etc.

Step 3: The title shot! 
Maria Kanellis-Bennett will book her protegees in a #1 Contender's triple threat match! Laurel and Sienna will forget their politeness between each other and after taking out Allie, they will start to beat the hell out of each other...At the end Allie will surprisingly pin Laurel (yes!). Maria /w. her girls (shocked) will challenge Allie for the spot and will try to make her to lay down for the 3 counts again, but this time Jade, Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne will help Allie, by stopping that humiliation.

Prior the title match, Allie, Jade, Brandi Rhodes & Madison will face Maria, Sienna, Laurel Van Ness & Rosemary in a 8 Knockouts tag team match. Maria will try to still the #1 Contender's spot again as putting the stipulation, that if Allie's team lose, Kanellis-Bennett will become challenger! Dixie Cater will showed up and will agree with the stipulation but will add one on her own - the match will be an 8-women eliminations tag team match (eventually main event).

At the end Allie will be booked in a tables match against Rosemary for the belt. We can see Allie as a second time Knockouts Champion. Of course the Decay will be banned with the threat that Rosemary will be stripped off her title if they interfere and even show-up at ringside. Of course the match can turn in a chaos that involved almost every Knockout - like Maria and friends showed up in the middle of the match, but the faces Jade, Madison, Brandi and even Reby Sky will clean off the ring.

Of course this storyline may be booked for up to 4-5 months, with a lot of backstage segments, in-ring confrontations and more, as meanwhile Rosemary can face other challengers and to defend successful, with the help of the Decay! She can even face Reby Sky for the gold, with both the Hardyz and the Decay, at ringside!!!
Rosemary is the current TNA Knockouts Champ.



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