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Some people will say that this topic is not important, but for us in AWOW , the's Alumni section is really one of the favourite parts of the site, which remind us of the past Superstars, who competed for the #1 Promotion in the world. We even think that NXT must have their own, where to present their former talents. 

Today we browsed. Actually, I didn't browse unintentionally! I was hoping to see Nidia's profile, added somehow. But NO! (I saw AJ Lee and thought 'When they will induct her in the WWE Hall of Fame, with Molly Holly and Ivory, then I saw Emma and my heart started to bleed). So I decided to remind everyone for several big holes in that section.


Who was Nidia? 


Nidia Guenard was part of WWE from 2001 to 2004. She debuted for SmackDown, before being traded to Raw and even had several title shots against ... wow - Molly Holly and Trish Stratus. She started as valet for the Hurricane and Jamie Noble, having a scandalous trashy angles and matches with Torrie Wilson and... Tajiri. As face she was packed with Stacy Keibler. So that woman was really interesting and really memorable from the fans of the Golden Divas generation.

And if this is not enough: Nidia is the first female co-winner of the inaugural Tough Enough, reality show competition.


A little break before another two serious suggestions!

Former WWF(then) Women's Champion and former Jerry 'The King' Lawer's wife, Stacy 'The Kat' Carter was iconic then-Diva, at the times, when the look and sex-appeal was almost everything. That was a dark but important period, when the title was won in a Pool match and the champ was showing her breasts on TV! But it was the time when the women were brought back and they have a chance to compete.

The Kat had her moments as a Chyna's valet and many other funny matches and rivalries, like the one with Terri Runnels. So, in the name of the old days, it's not bad to add this former Champion, like you add Sable and Sunny in different sections. Because like it or not, this is part of the legacy of WWE. 


Some people may said that Sunny and Sable, even Terri and The Kat are enough in the WWE Alumni, so another 'big bombs' blond bombshell, will be too much.

When I started to watch WWE in the distant 2000 year, Debra Marshall was still 'The Sotne Cold' Steve Austin's wife and she participated actively in the WWE vs. WCW&ECW rivalries, even participating in a mixed tag team matches, against the likes of Lita & Matt Hardy. Debra's legacy is more the Legacy of the valet, than a legacy of a competitor. Yes, she has one title reign, that started in a really controversial way and ended down in flames, but she was the Valet, from who women like Lana, Maria and Maryse, might learn a lot and use as example, for the role. 

Debra was part of the company in the time, when WWE was slowly in transition,  and the women were mostly sexy valets, but were ready for competition or every other role. I think aside from the last issues, they might add her to WWE Alumni section, in form of some gratitude.


I can hear you argue 'No way WWE adding her in their Alumni or Hall of Fame sections', 'She is more Knockout, than WWE Diva/Superstar!'

Gail Kim's name stand to names like Melina, Ivelisse, Awesome Kong, Taya, Mickie James, Mia Yim etc. as worldwide Greatest female wrestlers. I know that she has a lot of bitter memories about WWE, but actually WWE gave her the start (even respect in the form of booking her winning the women's belt in a debut match, making a lot of history - first woman to win WWE Women's Championship in debut match and first Women's Champion from Korean descend). She was promoted as the female equivalent of Rey Mysterio, before injury forced her to specialize in submissions in her first run.

Gail become the foundation, the inaugural KO champion, the woman who help raising the TNA's KO division, with help from Awesome Kong, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, ODB, Taryn Terrell, Jade, Rosemary, Sienna... she worked with different generations. She became the first to own major women's titles in WWE and Impact Wrestling. 

Her second run with WWE... well, despite wonderful pool of talents like Melina, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Eve Torres, Lay-Cool, she was pushed aside. She didn't get the award she deserved, her talent, was supressed, like many others. And this brought the rift between her and the company that debuted her worldwide.

Today Kim is retiring. WWE is changed. Gail is changed. So both may made exception and to forgive and forget. To add Gail in their Alumni section will be a good start. We already have former Impact Wrestling stars in it. They can induct Kim in the Hall of Fame, because they already have one star included also in the Impact Wrestling's Hall of Fame - Kurt Angle!

It's time to not being that personal! It's time to be respectful  and forgetful!

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