Thursday, 22 November 2018


 WWE NXT UK is progressive project/ brand!

I remember watching Pete Dunne defeating Tyler Bates at NXT TakeOver -  I loved the match it was stunning! When I learned that there will be a whole UK brand, here in Europe I was excited! When I learned that it will have its women's division with its own Women's title it was like an ecstasy of curiosity and hope... Then names from MYC and other places starts to emerge and it looks really great! Even the fact that the first Women's Champion is not UK born Superstar, will not darken my enthusiasm about this brand!

I think that at this point WWE NXTs branches are doing great job hiring known and unknown talents! Deonna Purrazzo, Mia Yim were stunning additions to US NXT. Toni Storm was the biggest signing for UK! But there is more... 

WWE is happy that I am not their booker/creative, because I will sign every talent that is catching my eye and will make a whole women's show with it's roster! But I will be reasonable about this one: I really, really think that these three names will put WWE NXT UK Women's division on the map, as total sensation. Not that the mix of well known and US unknown names is not working, but add some SPICE to it! 

Here is my serious suggestions and my arguments why I think it's a good idea!

Come on!!!

When I suggested her in a forum, a fan answered that she is signed to other company! Really? So contracts expires, contracts are being terminated, we have even a new era in WWE open-contracts possibility (Toni Storm for example)... Is that an obstacle?


Piper Niven or Viper is well known not only in Europe. She made name for herself at USA indie scene, as well. The peak of her career was that stunning appearance in the inaugural Mae Young Classic! Fans loved her! They love her! 

And why not? She put an amazing, high quality level of wrestling. She showed amazing agility and talent. She showed that the powerhouse, could be more flexible, more entertaining than ever. She perfectly sold moves - take hits, gave some punishment. Piper more than suitable name for WWE NXT UK, she is ideal, perfect candidate for pushing that roster far, ahead in the future!

It will be more than great to see her signed! It will prove that WWE are really into the talent signing, not only the look, as they prove by hiring diverse looking women. Most importantly Niven is a 'jewel' and she deserve to shine bright on a big stage, like WWE's rings! I am rooting for her with all of my heart and soul of women's wrestling follower!  

I can imagine this one facing Jinny or Toni Storm or even defeating Rhea Ripley in an upset victory!

KLR is the other perfect combination of Name and Talent, worldwide, not only in UK. She might be signed with someone, so - i told you in the previous part, what could happen with a contract. Actually my arguments for signing KLR are similar to why I want on 101%, Piper in WWE UK! 

Kay Lee Ray is a huge talent, character and someone with specific charisma. Just by looking at her (Piper) I can book over 50 matches for her, with title reign somewhere up the road. That woma proved herself time and time again as professional at the women's and mixed wrestling promotions outside WWE. She is respected and i think that she is respectful as well! So, WWE will not get into trouble if they sign her next to Piper! It will be a huge PLUS, for WWE UK brand's development...

Sign her (please)!

'Sign, Jazzy'!

That was the fans chanting last year at MYC! Of course an injury delayed her from the opportunity to sign with NXT! But look at Io Shirai, who was sent back to Japan, because of heart issue! The Genius of The Sky prove that she is more than serious about her wrestling career and that she will not let any health issue to set her back! 

Well, Jazzy is doing the same! Since her full recovery she is back in the ring and even faced a current WWE UK signee - the Portuguese Sensation Killer Kelly in some epic battles!

So add, Germany on the wrestling map, WWE, because they have some talents and this one is EXCEPTIONAL! Another not typical powerhouse... She is really colorful and stunning performer, that could bring real heat and competition to  the UK brand, so I don't know what took WWE and Triple H, so long of signing her! 

She deserves it!




We have Dakota Kai working for NXT and NXT UK, why don't they sign Tegan Nox in both or just in UK brand?

The girl will be near home, she can build a great career as WWE NXT UK Superstar. She can continue her tag team work with Kai, as well. 

That stunning young woman, went through a lot - physically and emotionally I guess, with all of this serious injuries, with all of this moments that slipped through her fingers! I really hope to see her on her 100% and not under pressure.

I guess she, as many other signed to the Performance Center young women, is dreaming about TV debut, RAW, SmackDown -  the big shows and PPVs. But WWE NXT brands proves that they could bring a huge field of opportunity and she could be part of something fresh, prat of the foundation  of whole new pro-wrestling brand and dimension. I think that this is option that might be reconsidered. Most of all it's not cutting the opportunity for Nox, one day to debut on Raw or SDL, as well!

Just thinking!  

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