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Come on, guys!  It's a compromise decision.

You prefer to have Alexa vs. Bayley II?!

I personally don't.

In this scenario, there is a lot of potential for an OMG twist. Just imagine what a hell of controversy it would be if Nikki Cross pins Bayley! Will, Alexa Bliss allowing her new 'pet' to have the belt? 

Oh, be sure that the (tricky) Goddess will demand the belt to be handed to her and I think that after some inner-struggling Nikki will give it up in the name of the 'good-friendship'... 

And here it begins! The moment of Bliss' exposure as a total user of Cross. Because we saw these several past weeks that poor Nikki is doing Bliss' dirty work. I think that after Extreme Rules we will have a story evolving where Bliss will humiliate the woman who eventually won the SD Women's belt. 

Technically, (even Bayley agreed with that) Nikki Cross should be a #1 Contender. Here the creative machine is doing its job and created that compromise, that Bliss' plan for a Handicap match because the controversy surrounding her contendership is too high, too heated and so negative. 

We want Nikki! Nikki deserves the shot...

And we'll have Nikki... in a Handicap (compromise) match! 

Actually, this is a really interesting idea, not a simple compromise and finally, I can send my congratulation to the WWE (Raw/SDL) Creatives (before I can friendly, but critically tears them apart for Maria and Mike's storyline😈)! 


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