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The biggest even of the summer is over and the consequences are in front of us. Three new women's champions crowned for the three brands!

Four matches with women's presence were booked and the four of them put the skills of the WWE women's division on display in different manner.

Our predictions went down the spiral, but as I said before - I had not listened to my instincts, I let my own booking desires and plans, the way I see it happened to blindside me.

Let's do our analysis!

Two Insane elbows and one smart reversal were needed for the Japanese Pirate Princess Kairi Sane to defeat the monstrously aggressive champ Shayna Baszler.

The Queen of Spades is finally dethroned in front of her fellow MMA horsewomen led by Ronda Rousey!

I can't believe that I am saying this, but I really hoped to see more from this rivalry. It wasn't well developed and despite the great match, it left some bitter taste in my mouth. I don't know about you.

Overall, the end is great! Totally happy for Kairi Sane, she is someone who deserve the belt as well as Baszler. When I sat and thought about it I realized that actually it did not matter who will win. Both women worked as well as always together and I really enjoyed watching Sane's Japanese style against Baszler's powerful brutality and bullying. Actually, the 'good guy' won and the reign of terror is over.

Of course there will be a rematch, and we don't know what the plans for Baszler are. Are they going to make her the first ever two-time NXT Women's Champion? Or will they call her to Raw or SmackDown Live? Who will challenge Kairi after the rematch (if she retains the belt)? I have several really hungry candidates' names: Lacey Evans, Bianca Belair and why not my special girl Vanessa Borne. Or one of the good girls like Nikki Cross, Camdice LeRae or Dakota Kai?

We know one thing for sure: the landscape in NXT women's division is totally changed.  

 Another day full of surprises! That was SummerSlam for me.

Let's start with the Kickoff, where our hopes for justice were ended with the Rusev and Lana's Days cancellation, by Andrade 'Cien' Almas and the 'hero' of the match Zelina Vega!

The women's action was limited but dynamic as always. The moment Lana entered the ring was electrifying, before she starts to throw kind of interesting clotheslines. Bulldog. Neckbreakers. Some slams. The Ravishing Russian quickly get herself in hands and did several good moves, almost destroying Zelina. 

But Vega is not just anybody. Her inferences were with good timing as always and kind of damaging. Her moves were simple and kind of ... she is holding back. Which is her finisher? The splash in the corner? The codebreaker? Or roll up out of nowhere, with legs on the ropes for leverage? I am not sure what is Vega's move set, overall! It looks like anything goes for the victory. I hope to see more m Zelina in the future.

I like the match. It's not the best. Mixed matches are always kind of controversial as quality, but it was well packed with nice spots. I am kind of happy that Vega's team won, because she deserves that push as experienced and hard working talent. Yeah, I thought that Rusev and Lana will receive some retribution, but ... it's okay this way as well. 

At the end you could see Lana's look, that says 'It's not over!'... We hope so! These girls really can pull the best from one another.

And here comes the first title both. The Triple Threat match for the Blue brand's Women's title belt! 

Let's be honest! If someone had expected that Carmella will leave the arena with the title, weeeell, Man, your positivism is really huge! Don't lose it! 

But it wasn't possible... you know. Yeah, they might use some dirty trick, if she was one-on-one against Becky or Charlotte, but The Princess of Staten Island had to face two of the best women's talents. Carmella was determined to lose from the moment she entered that ring.

But she didn't give up. Her suicide dive was something like 'End song'. Carmella really tried her best and prove that she can mess with the best in a very athletic way. Of course she tried to divide the best friends from the beginning and her strategy paid off well. But as I said before - she was destined to face her doom...

And the doom takes the form of ...

Charlotte Flair

Here is my little disappointment. When The Queen entered the match, almost two weeks ago, I just thought that she was added to bring some intrigue. To elevate the quality of the battle. To set the stage for someone else. But it looks like the WWE Creatives and bosses plans were different. Okay! Charlotte was in a great shape as always, bringing the heat in the match and eventually she deserve that title win, that gave her SmackDown Women's Championship #2, making her 7-time Champion overall in the Main roster (record tying Trish Stratus). 

And here comes the good news! Becky Lynch made a long awaited turn. It might be for the night or who knows, but it was great and the fans chant 'You deserve it' tell it all. I think that the Irish Lass Kicker waste too much time being patient and sidelined. She finally got enough and I am totally Okay with that twist of events. I was rooting for Becky and I am still on her side. Being the good, talented girl, who is sitting politely and watching how her 'best friend' is stealing her spotlight again and again it just crossed the line of patience for the Straight Fire Orange-headed Berserk. I can't wait to see what will happened this Tuesday! She really deserved that belt!

The match. For me it was far much better than Raw's Title match in the following aspect: Drama, twists and okay, the techniques in both matches were great. I have more sympathy and admiration for these three ladies than for Rousey and Bliss. Sorry! My point of view. These three made a really good intensive match with several 'Aha!I almost pinned you!' moments. My heart and mind  go with them! Congratulations!

I still have this strange feelings about this title match!

Okay, I had expected Bliss to use some of her dirty tactics and to keep the belt until Evolution. I really hoped to see Ronda Rousey making history at the historical event, not on the annual one. But it wasn't meant to happen. Now we will get our clash of the generations between Alexa Bliss and Trish Stratus. Just for the show!

How can I describe this match with one sentence? It's all about Ronda Rousey!

No! Don't get me wrong. It was interesting somehow. But the match was highly promoted squash match. It wasn't like Chyna vs. Ivory at Wrestlemanie, but it was somewhere near it. It was quite longer than the mentioned example. Ronda made really interesting moves. 

I can point my two 'WOW!' moments: 1. The moment when Ronda lured Bliss in the ring, by sitting in a lotus position. That was funny and for me kind of original. 'Come on! I will let you attack me in my back!'. Love the funny way they played that part, especially Alexa's facial expression, when she attempted to enter the ring, divided 'To do or not to do?'. 2. Bliss arm bent over. Actually, if you remember, The Goddess used that arm pop out in a match with Sasha Banks, but then she did it by herself. Now we saw that flexibility of its own, displayed in a violent manner, as Rousey twisted the Champ's arm. 

Overall, Alexa did nothing special. Rousey dominated. And voila we had a new champion! Congrats! Now I can't wait to see the rematch and who will dare to challenge Ronda for the belt. Who is that crazy? (Alicia Fox? KIDDING...or why not?)

This years SummerSlam and NXT Tekover:Brooklyn 4 went under the sign of the women's evolution with so many great in different way matches. Now we will follow the consequences because they are a lot:

1. NXT Women's division title picture is totally changed with Champion, who deceivingly looks like easy target, but who is tough enough to survive everything thrown on her!
2. Friendship is ruined in SmackDown Live and those who deserved the belt, had enough of being robbed and sidelined!
3. New Era in Raw has begun!
4. It's not over! We had not heard the Ravishing Russian's last word...

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