Sunday, 27 January 2019


Waste of a match?


Who is Sam Someone?

I can describe this one as a menu in a restuarant:

Oredeal - Bianca's offense
Main dish - Baszler's domination and bullying
Dessert (spicy one) - The interference of Shafir and Duke and Baszler's win.

For me I hope and for many of you, this match, over 20 minutes, was great showdown and both women put a lot of great work in it. I enjoyed every second of it and I lost sense of time. The dynamic and the construction of the match were great. 

The end - once again: Thank you WWE NXT Creatives, for not robbing us for the future development of that rivalry. 


Baszler is Baszler. I am starting to enjoy her character and style, more and more, match after match. Since Rousey is evolving constantly st the main roster, for me (I'll share a secret) Baszler is better as a technique because she is simple and she put a lot of character in her moves. Not just a physical effort. She fights clearly and so earth-bonded. Not a lot throws, not a lot stunning attacks. Simple, technician wrestling. But as I mentioned she puts character. If Sasha or Charlotte, starts to wrestle this way I will tear them apart for that. But for Baszler - this is so natural. She's a bully! Bullies doesn't need to fly from the top ropes. Just one stomp on the opponents hand is enough to make your neck hair to go up in fear! And this comes from someone who loves aerial and complicated attacks! I can honestly say that I like Baszler and her in-ring style!

The whole match she was bullying and submitting and inflicting damage! That is who she is as character mostly and that is what suits her well!


Many people doubted Belair! For me - it was all the same at one point prior the match. 

Actually that young woman, proved herself time and time again and WWE Universe was behind her. She was that beam of hope, like Ember Moon in her Asuka's rivalry and Kairi Sane in her Baszler's war. I expected a lot from The EST and got more than I expected. There is nothing to be ashamed, girl! 

I am rooting for Belair to be involved in a future title match against Baszler! 

Bianca was all athleticism, strength and power plus... passion! A lot of well injected passion. I love her presentation. I love the way she tried to escaped the Kardifa Clutch! The audience appreciate it. That passion and strength of the spirit! 

The future is hers!


We have expected it!

We knew that Shafir and Duke will be involved. That is what they do. I wasn't fool when I saw Shayna approaching the ring alone. I and many of you might felt that these two will emerge at some point, because they are the spicy addition to the Queen of Spades reign. But I really admire the way Bianca Belaire dealt with them - almost destroying the duo. 


The match was great, as we know that today we are having three very important. NXT didn't step backward with this one. No, they stand their ground as an elite developmental... no elite third brand!

I am glad that Baszler won it, not because I think Belair was not deserving the victory. No, both women were suitable to go home with the gold. That just opened the door for more: more matches like Belair vs. Shafir, vs. Duke, for example, more heat! So overall I am happy with the ending of the match. Can't wait to see what will happen next!

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