Tuesday, 22 May 2018


I thought about that topic: Is there a 'curse', that ruins most of the NXT talents, transferred to WWE's main roster and brands?

Bayley's career is on stand by mode at this point, too. Losing a qualification for MITB, didn't help her and her last PPV match was pre-show losing effort against the fresh talent Ruby Riott. We think that the best way to inject some life in her career is to find a great heel, to confront her! 
When we are talking about Superstars who were on the top of the wave in NXT and then they slowly where ruined in Raw or SmackDown, everyone can cite Emma as an example! These days Bayley is someone pointed as someone who is into Nowhere, too. You can hear Becky Lynch's name whispered, as her career is slowly return into track! 
The Goddess Alexa Bliss had felt like home, since day one in WWE. Her transition from NXT to WWE Superstar was greatly accomplish in a short time adding her name to other successful former NXT talents like Charlotte Flair and Paige.

Meanwhile we have stunning transfromations from NXT  rookies into WWE Superstars in the face of Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, Carmella, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax.

This year we had a lot of NXT female talents called to the main brands - Asuka, Emebr Moon, the IIconics, Riott Squad and Absolution's Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. So now we have to worry where will the creatives lead these talents! 
The Inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch is pointed as the less successful Horsewoman from the quarter this days. With her involvement in Money In The Bank ladder match she finally received the attention and the opportunity that she deserves.

NXT is a special place where you can develop your skills and create your character, gimmick. It's way different and a good place for new talents and it can elevate it's stars to amazing heights. We saw NXT Takeovers and TV taping outshine the main roster's broadcasts. NXT is the sacred Breaking Ground of WWE, that allows security and support for its talents. 

The main roster is a place of constant fight, for chance, for accomplishments, for simple story that will integrate you in WWE. Some stars from NXT didn't find it hard to fit in Raw or SDL's lockers, while some was met with great anticipation and then run into a wrong trails, thanks to the booking at some point or the overcrowding. Superstars like Emma, were underrated, while her 'nemesis' and great opponent from NXT Paige, raised to the top, very quickly! 
And it's all opportunities and gimmicks, chances and charisma! There is no curse, there is just lack of creative ideas or slots to be taken, for a long time at the storyline board.

The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka had other kind of problems like finding a propitiate opponent. Thanks God, that there was Charlotte Flair, who dethrone her at last. Now The Empress is in a vacuum and send in a random matches.  

At this point NXT and WWE are balanced. NXT as always has a great roster of talents, some of them waiting to put their skills on display, via the right storyline and matches. Raw and SmackDown, have their balance received, thanks to the huge injection of talents, during the Shake Off and earlier debuts. If something went wrong with the likes of IIconics, Asuka, Ember, etc. you can blame the environment, as well, because you can feel the difference. The NXT Superstars are really thrown into the deep water and the expectation, the competition is really destroying.
Ruby Riott and her Squad, are making waves in Raw and her talent dominated over Sasha Banks and Bayley, last weeks. The Future is bright for this quick rising Superstar as well. But wha will be the fate of Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. Morgan was one of the most developing female wrestler in NXT and now is stuck in the gimmick...

I will finish this analyze with words of hope: Bayley and Becky are talented enough and they have a lot of fuel in their career and gimmicks, to went out of the Dark hole, they are now! Actually, we are waiting for more development into The Boss vs. The Hugger relationships. Lynch, on the other hand, is in this years Women's Money In the Bank, which is a nice ray of light in the tunnel. With Mae Young Classic 2 on the horizon, we can be sure that at this point the women's evolution is at one constant position, with no signs of downfall, soon! 
Peyton Royce and several other women from NXT are part of the new wave of talents, that invaded WWE and their future looks kind of bright!

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