Here is our 2015 AWOW Top 30! We lost a lot of information and memories when our Facebook page was deleted, but this one survived.

Let's check it!


We said farewell to the British Divas Layla. Layla debuted after winning Divas Search 2006. She accomplish a lot in WWE.

She was the last WWE Women's Champion (before the titles unification), and one-time Divas Champion (plus unofficial reign as co-champion with Michelle McCool).

Layla was part of several notable teams, as Lay-Cool, is still one of the greatest heel women stable in WWE's women division history.


Solo Darling is one of the OVW's former femme-fatal, who started to make a name for herself. While her former fellow colleague Taeler Hendrix earned a spot in ROH, Solo Darling is working mainly on the women's independent scene for companies like WSU, SHINE and SHIMMER.

We can't wait to see what the future is hold for her!

 #28. REBEL

This young and long-legged Impact Wrestling Knockout, still has a lot to prove.

At this point she change stable, after stable to find a teammates in the face of Jade and Marti Belle.

After Taryn Terrell departure with TNA, Rebel and the other girls looked lost. But not for long.

We expect to see a lot of this young lady in the future.


Cameron was one of the most noisy Diva on Total Divas. Gladly she decided to put her career first.

She turns on her tag team partner Naomi and both formed one short but heated rivalry for a while. Actually, when she was not busy to gossip around with the other Divas, Cameron was capable of a lot. She even had several title shots in her career's biography.


Her name is Maria Kanellis-Bennet and she could be The First Lady of Wrestling.

WWE didn't appreciate her wrestling skills. After her release from the company next to Melina and Mickie James, Maria takeover the indie-scene and found the real love. She wo her first professional wrestling championship in FWE and even was one of the two western women to compete in Japan's NJPW.


We'll say a lot of farewells in this chart! After Layla, with a lot of sadness we are saying "Goodbye and good luck!" to Portia Perez.

Injuries are part of the pro-wrestling business and sometimes they stop amazing names to compete and ruined careers. 1/2 of Canadian Ninjas Portia Perez was forced to retire, after years of amazing wresting matches in every famous women's and indie promotion - SHIMMER to AAA.

Sadly companies like TNA and WWE always missed talents like her.

Farewell and good luck in life after wrestling, Portia!


Summer is interesting competitor. She is from those type of women that you thought when you see her for a first time "Another model!". But she can make you pay for your arrogance.

Summer spend the year as valet and competitor, teaming with Layla, working on Main Even and Superstars. Having a nice rivalry with Lana. She's good enough to be between the biggest women names in WWE, especially as she helped them to stay Big. 

Jobbing or winning, Summer is the ideal figure for refreshing of the storyline or just to put some competition.


2015 was a interesting and hard year for Ivelisse. She injured her leg and compete without knowing that it's injured.

What a wrestler! What a spirit! 

 After her shocking WWE release, Ivelisse didn't waste her time in self-pity. She attacked the independent scene and take it by storm. SHINE, FWE all fall down! 

Then she enters the temple of Lucha Underground, to start a real revolution in it.

Ivelisse is WWE's and TNA's biggest skip/laps/everything you can imagine/.  We still have tha hope that one of this company will correct their mistake!


I've watched this woman-Amazon warrior OVW debut and fights. 

She was great! 

Then TNA signed her for a while and I thought, that they finally started to made good decisions. Then they released her and Gail Kim stated that Tapa was not good enough to be a Knockout because a lack of wrestling experience and skills - things that Kim can helped to be developed!

In 2015 Tapa signed with GFW. She returned for a while in TNA and has a short rivalry with Awesome Kong. 


2015 was the last year for Serena Deeb, too. She retired, leaving a legacy for the other famous indie workers. 

From OVW, through SHIMMER and WWE, Serena has an amazing career full with rises and falls. She was important figure for many talented ladies career. She inspired. She did her best. 

On July 10, 2015, she wrestled her retirement match in Japan against Syuri, which she lost.

Fare well, Serena and thank you for all you've done! 

co-#21. AJ LEE

The Geek Goddess of WWE, shares this position with the legendary Serena Deeb.

AJ is future Hall of Fame inductee on 100%! She change the game and was a kind of Revolution on herself. Her reigns as Divas Champion was memorable. Her rivalries was entertaining... but...

At the end she was sort of tired of all this WWE strict schedules and promotions around the world. Her husband was released. Her reigns, becomes boring for her. She didn't put the same desire on the ring, as she did in the previous years.

Her surprising retirement, was sort of expected and leaved a hole in WWE's women's roster, for a while. 


When Sexy Star went for a try-out in FCW/WWE, she was rudely rejected. 

The famous AAA and CMLL luchadora-competitor, earned a lot of fame with her matches in Lucha Underground, where she becomes their main champion for a day and won several other titles.

2015 was Sexy Star's best year. Taping for LU and fighting with the toughest women in the business like Ivelisse. 


That impressive indie worker is one of the busiest ladies in the pro-wrestling business.

You can found her included in almost every all-women or mixed wrestling promotion. 

She is part of ROH. She compete for Knockout Knockdown. Her name appears in SHINE, WSU and SHIMMER's rosters. 

It's just a matter of time and taste the other two giant promotions to see her talent and charisma. 

We will enjoy to watch more from her. 


Luke Gallows' wife is making name for herself and was well known before her marriage to the WWE giant. 

As Amber O'Neil, she build impressive career and she is one of the well known and respected indie worker. 

Her wrestling path is paved with gold. Her charisma and skills take her to Japan and ROH.

She deserves to be in that chart as well. 


Allysin Kay did everything in 2015.

Or just she work a lot and grab every opportunity to wrestle wherever she can.

That woman has a real affair with wrestling. She love it.

She has a long list of promotions in her resume. You can count on her for hard work and to bring a real competition to every company who signed her.


Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee are another future legends.

To have them both work together is amazing.

2015 was a great year for them in tag team and singles competition.

Both of them are serious wrestlers. One of them get what they both deserve (Cherry earned a contract with TNA in 2016).

 #15. BROOKE 

Brooke Adams'/ Tessmacher/ career was revived and sent into heaven in TNA.

Former ECW competitor, Brooke became a Knockouts Champion for a third time in 2015.

Brooke proves that she is one of the amazing Knockouts ever. 

In November 2015 Brooke and TNA Impact Wrestling parted ways, due to maternity leave. It was stated that she leave TNA and it's not clear if she will resign with the company again.


Taeler has amazing career in 2015.

She signs with QoC and ROH, went for a WWE tryout and appeared in WWE as a "rosebud".

After long career in OVW and short run with TNA, now Taeler Hendrix is one of the top names in the women's wrestling. Talented. Charismatic. Skilled. She can be a good addition to WWE NXT, after a reign with QoC.

Heel or face, she is suitable for the largest scene.

#13. MIA YIM 

In 2015 another indie top-competitor signed with TNA.

The incredible Mia Yim, debut as Jade with Marti Bell/e as a teammate.

Yim is known for her work about ROH, SHIMMER, WSU, SHINE and etc. She appeared in one episode of WWE NXT in 2014, losing to Charlotte.

Even as a little bit retarded character Jade (at the beginning), Yim is able to shine bright. It's nice to know that she has a constant contract and schedule without skipping her indie wrestling promotions' matches.

We have a lot to see from her in the future. Be sure about that!


After year full with competitions through independent circuit in USA, The Goddess of wrestling signed with the biggest promotion of them all. WWE!

In September 2015, Athena signed her contract and begins to work for WWE NXT Live events and to train in WWE Performance Center.

#11. EMMA

Known as Tenille Dashwood, the amazing Australian has a very controversial year.

After the bookers failed to find her a role in WWE main roster, Emma was sent back to NXT, for a second amazing run. There she fight Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Carmella and most importantly Asuka.


The so-called Divas Revolution angle started promising for Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

But after the start some of the girls was send on the back on the line and Becky was one of them. 

Beside that fact we are viewing Lynch's talent and skills and her NXT matches at the beginning of the year of 2015. 

In the main roster, Becky become one of the constant victims of betrayal by her partners - Paige and Charlotte.


This sweetheart is bonded with wrestling.

She can honestly claim that she is went through every known promotion in USA.

We can't count how many matches and championship, this young lady has acquired.

There is no doubt that she is one of the greatest indie names.


Young wrestling hope, with native look and high-flying skills.

Hania currently takeover the indie scene. She is signed with WSU, where she had amazing hardcore match against Athena. 

Hania appeared in FWE and other promotion and her future is promising.


You don't know as which famous character from TV or comic books you'll see that girl dressed-up.

Leva is one of the most loved and respected women wrestlers these days. 

Her appearances in NXT gave her career a boost and made the WWE Universe dreaming of having this one in the WWE Roster.

Leva is amazing athlete and hard worker in the ring. She has desire for wrestling and this makes her a valuable asset for every promotion who have her in its roster.


Charlotte started and spend 2015 on the top of NXT, but lose the title to The Boss in January, in a fatal-4-way with another two top competitors involved - Bayley and Becky Lynch.

Charlotte doesn't have an indie background, but she had the magic in her genes.

For almost 4 years in WWE and NXT she accomplish a lot and love it or hate it, she is one of the top competitors of the company, who writes a history on her own.

 co-#06. PAIGE

Paige earned her first WrestleMania moment in 2015. After unforgettable debut in 2014, this young Lass get her well deserved moment at the Grandest Show of them all (we hope not last).

Paige spend the rest of 2015 betraying her teammates and fighting against them. Unsuccessfully chasing the Divas championship and appearing in Total Divas.

No matter what her current status is, she is one of the most nontraditional women, who ever step a foot in WWE's ring. 


Gail Kim is destined to write women's wrestling history.

2015 was almost like her previous years. She just dominate with or without title. As one of the greatest WWE's discoveries and TNA Knockouts title legacy's co-fundamental figure Gail always shows her best.

Her 2015 was full with competition and reigns reigns as champion. 


Love them, hate them but Bella Twins dominated WWE women's division for a long time. They bring a lot of intrigue and competition. That's why Alicia Fox, choose to be on their side, instead against them.

The back injury stopped Nikki's dominance and made Brie reconsidering her future. 


She may be is the greatest women wrestler who have ever appeared in WWE and NXT! She is unstoppable and furious!

Asuka's/ Kana's late debut and limited appearances on TV set her in our chart's #03, after a long struggles and discussions.

Asuka has two important matches in NXT for 2015. Her debut against Dana Brooke and her top fight with Emma at TakeOver: London. 

WWE decided to send her to compete mainly in Live Events. If you check her stats you'll see that she is maybe the only female in that company's history who doesn't have any losses (excluding several draws). 


The Boss has magnificent 2015. She became NXT Women's Champion. 

She played her two greatest matches against Bayley and most importantly she was called to the main roster.

Sasha Banks is charismatic, skilled and fearless. She is ready for every challenge and she prove it all the year, until the fall, when she suffer injuries that take her out of the competition.

Sasha is not a model. She is devoted to wrestling and you can see that in every move, every match of hers.

Very hard choice!

There were a lot of conflicts and discussions, before we can take that decision.  Bayley is our #1 for 2015!

That talented and friendly girl, who often was beaten by the other women Superstars at the beginning and was mocked for her "hugging-friendly" nature, grown up. Her transformation from funny and nice character to top competitor and champion in 2015 is just amazing.

It was a long and hard path to greatness!
Congratulations, Bayley!!!

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