Thursday, 4 May 2017


Before we start: Our yesterday article, was created without us checking IWD. We selected Riot, Moon and Cross for top 3 #1 Contenders, based on our analyses and looking their performances the past weeks and months. Total coincidence and match of views between AWOW and WWE!

Oh! Is there a mistake in the title? Or there was one winner? What is Asuka doing in there? 

12-Superstars - recruits, guest talents, established names were slain in an amazing battle, with bodies flying everywhere. But the total count of the involved is 15!

At the end we had three really amazing women, fighting each others. Three already legends, in the indies. A Maniac, a Rebel and a War Goddess who almost eclipse  The Sun (Asuka). The things got really interesting and I was happy that I didn't checked IWD, before the broadcast. There was that unique energy when greatest forces of wrestling/nature are fighting for a huge opportunity/survival. Like an electric pulses striking through the air. In one moment you saw Ember Moon preparing for Eclipse and... 

Then Asuka happened!

The Empress of Tomorrow's new mean streak, worked in a way to try to eliminate the competition. Because all of these three former-indie women-warriors, were good enough to make her sweat in a title match. And the Champ decided to brutally attacked them all. I think that Ember Moon got the worst assault. She was thrown from the ring, right into the barricade. I am seriously worrying about her shoulder. The impact was hear in the hall. You can hear it in the video record. I really hope that it was well worked  and that she will be able to compete. The Empress mocked and celebrated, screaming that NO ONE IS READY for her. But is that true? 

No, it's not!

Ruby Riot received a vicious kick in the head. For this new comer, with a lot of legacy in the indies scene, this match, was the turning point. She is one of the several recruits, in NXT's history who received a quick push, which means that she really impressed the Authorities, the creatives and the trainers. And she is impressive. With the little she was able to show to us, it looks like she is capable of a lot. Now she is right into the top spot, where she belongs!

Nikki Cross was smashed in the ropes. Her back was smashed. But at the end she had been able to laugh at the injured Moon. Cross needed that re-match. I think that she needed to deal with the Iconic Duo, who robbed her several months ago. She needed that another shot at Asuka's title. She is great enough to be put in the position of a challenger, once again. I hoped it will be one-on-one, but after what happened I think it will be even better...Crazy was always working better!!! And Nikki is 100% into it!

Ember Moon's fairy-tale is not over! Her warpath is not ending, aside from the Asuka's won in their first TV /TakeOver encounter. That Asuka's cheap win left us with the feeling that we are going to see more. That the war between those two will not end until The War Goddess dethrones the Empress. That cheap attack, in the last eve record, was proving that Asuka is afraid of Moon, more that any other (except Nikki Cross, eventually). We want to see Moon as Champion, not because we are her fans - NO! She deserves it!

The winner at the end was the WWE/NXT Universe. The winner was The Great Wrestling Talent of these three women, rise morally victorious over the assault of the reigning champion. Asuka challenge the destiny and the destiny hit her in the face, sending her in the Fatal-4-Way Battle of her life, her career in NXT. I really, really, really hope, want and pray to see a new NXT Women's Champion crowned at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, at May 20th, 2017!

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