Thursday, 18 May 2017


SHINE Tag Team Champions Mercedes Martinez (left) and Iveliesse Velez (right)

The 147 days title reign of Santana Garrett and Gabi Castrovinci (also known as Raquel) is over! 

At SHINE 42 new, more vicious tag team topped the top of Shine Wrestling's Tag Team division. New alliance, dangerous enough to overcome Garrett and Raquel. Santana and Gabi were able to defeat the longest reigning champions B.T.Y. (Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson), with title reign of 371 days, to reach the top. That was Santana's first SHINE Tag Team title win, after her reign as SHINE Champion in 2015.

La Sicarias of Ivelisse and Mercedes Martinez!

This is both women's first tag team title reign. Mercedes is well established name, with legendary status at the indie scene. Ivelisse is a future legend, with a lot of legacy, already built. In SHINE she is famous as the only two-times SHINE Champion, also as the longest reigning (507 days combined reign), with record 17 defenses of the title. While Martinez had a period of abscence from the promotion, Ivelisse next to the likes of Leva Bates and Su Yung is kind of SHINE Original. Mercedes is the current WSU World Champion, which speaks a lot for her talent and possibilities. Ivelisse is involved with Lucha Underground, where she is one of the potential future Lucha Underground Champion, as she has already been Trios Champion, two times.

Both women are really competitive and tough opponents and Santana and Gabi/Raquel (it's not clear how she wants to be called) were no match for them. Their alliance is really destined to dominate. We are looking forward for more great fights, that involves them.
The former champions Santana (left) and Raquel / Gabi Castrovinci/(right) who defeated the longest reigning team of Marti Belle and Jayme Jamison(down on the ring) a.k.a. Better Than You/ B.T.Y/

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