Sunday, 20 August 2017


What a Saturday, for NXT and what a warm up for WWE SummerSlam!

I want to start with one big 'Thank you!' to all of the involved - from Johnny Gargano and Andrade 'Cien' Almas, to Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre. All of the matches was epic as always! We saw a lot of women's action, even outside the NXT Women's title match.

Now when its over, we can't wait what the consequences will be for the NXT women's division and not only.


We can't just pass by  the valets who participated at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 3. Both Zelina Vega and Nikki Cross had their different roles, but their appearance gave some advantage to their 'clients'.

Zelina just throw a T-Shirt, but that was enough to cost the match for Johnny Gargano and Vega and Almas to leave the stage celebrating. I want to see Zelina wrestle and I hope when this managing angle is over we will see her putting her wrestling boots and kicking some butts.

Nikki Cross on the other hand, was more physical. She literally sacrifice herself for the team when she jump on Rezar (or Akam) and then was smashed thrown through table with him, when Killian Dane tried to stop the vicious 1/2 of AoP. Of course at the end SAnitY won, while the loyal Cross lied down smashed.

Nikki is definitely one of the top 3 female competitors, worthy to be in the title picture (Ruby Riot and Ember Moon are the other two). Actually I hope to see her wrestle the Icon Duo, because their story was not ended properly. Maybe she will have a temporary alliance with Ruby Riot, trying to cope with the mean Aussies. Why not?


It was amazing to watch these two working together for a second time. They work extremely well and Moon is a great match to Asuka's skills.

Unluckily, we guess who will win the match. Asuka who looked like smashed and broken at the end emerged victorious. Even after she received an Eclipse and stunning Superkick. 

Thank you Ember!

You didn't disappoint us and this war is not over. We are still on the opinion that the third time will be the lucky one. Very athletic, great fighting spirit and a lot of passion was shown by the Challenger. She even escaped the Asuka lock at several occasions. For me Moon is really amazing talent and a real jewel in the NXT Women's divisions crown! Don't worry, kiddo, you will have this title sooner or later. It will be a total mistake if they not allow it to happen. 

Actually Ember Moon is someone who can make Asuka works really hard for her money/title! 

With three from Four The Horsewomen - Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch on the first row, The Empress of Tomorrow put everything she has to secure that tomorrow will come for her still as a NXT Women's Champion! Her 500 days reign is a fact! Now her confidence will blow the roof and we'll hear more 'Nobody is ready for Asuka'! But when her overconfidence take over her completely, that will be the beginning of the end and we hope that Ember will be there to capitalize, this time for sure!

Today I have thoughts about Asuka's reign and I've reached the revelation that it can be ended in a very familiar way. Remember how Paige was called to the main roster and was stripped by her NXT Women's Championship. We remeber how Chyna vacated the Women's title undefeated, too. If Asuka continues to be pushed as indestructible maybe she will share this women's destiny. But I think that this is not the way that her reign will end. That is the least of the eventual scenarios.  We are sure that her reign will with amazing battle, maybe a multiple contestants or one-on-one match! 

But all good things comes to an end! For now we can congratulate Asuka, for her hard work and devotion, and to hope that at Moon vs. The Sun Episode 3, she will drop her belt with grace and honor to Ember! ... Or whoever she faces in the future! Until then we are sure that she will reign for another month or two, as we are sure that the sun will rise tomorrow!

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