Saturday, 14 July 2018


SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella vs. Asuka 

With James Ellsworth suspended above the ring in a Shark Cage!

It was a nice idea to book another sequel between Asuka and Carmella, for the Blue Brand's women's title! Really, Really, Really, good as the first one was well done, even with the controversial finish.

As Sara Amato, the head coach from WWE PC said, Carmella and Alexa Bliss are the two former NXT women, built from zero to Champions, that evolve and accomplished more. With some wrestling in her blood, Carmella was really just a total rookie, who had zero experience in the ring before the PC.

Watching her back there in NXT and now in SDL as a Women's Champion, makes me feel like a parent who watched his child growing up from the first step, to the wedding day! 😅 So proud of her as analyst and fan! She was great back there. Her wrestling talent and her character evolved constantly in front of us, to reach the top spot, two-three years after the Draft. Even her heel persona is that kind of character, that you have fun with, that you enjoy to see cash-in a Money in the Bank contract on the smashed Champion (Charlotte Fair) after two-three unsuccessful attempts. She is a complete package and I can't believe that we will watch her facing Asuka again, tomorrow!

For me James Ellsworth will be the x-factor! Maybe, a pepper spray, smuggled into the cage and dropped on the ring at the right time, followed by a SuperKick/MellaKick/MellaIsMoney Kick! I think that the weasel will have his way to interfere...

Meanwhile I am willing to see Carmella defeating Asuka again and both of them had their third and final math, that will end it all (eh, there will be a rematch, but...). I am ready for more Mella's reign...


We are seriously divided!

Asuka wrote history, since her arrival in WWE! She conquer NXT and rule there undefeated. She was sole-survivor for Raw at Survivor Series, wone the inaugural Mixed Match Challenge alongside with The Miz and won the first-ever, all-women Royal Rumble... to lose to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania! Epic loss, to honorable opponent!

Asuka is kind of change! Fans still know that she 'gonna kill' someone in the ring, but there is not that invincibility that she had and that is not bad! Not bad at all and I will explain myself: Now Asuka is more Earth-bonded! More human-like, than that allmost divine, unnatural aura, that she had before.  As the former Superstar Emma, said then: 'This is not possible!' , the Empress was going to lose at some point! 

Now she is still colorful, powerful and amazing character! She is the best ... in a promotion with talent pool filled with the best Superstars!

Her chances to leave Extreme Rules as SmackDown Women's Champion are not low at all! We include Ellsworth as a factor, even locked above the ring in a cage, but we are including the Empress unimaginable desire, will and determination to win. 

The truth is, that I want to see her defeating Carmella at the second great event in the WWE Calendar - SUMMERSLAM! That would be the great timing, the best possibility and moment for her to become next Champion... and facing Becky Lynch - finally!

This is what we are dreaming for!


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