Sunday, 22 July 2018


Speaking about battle between the Good and (pure)Evil, this match for the Knockouts division top prize is the perfect representation of that eternal fight of basic powers!

I can say honestly that there were more heat in this rivalry that in the Blanchard vs. Allie (it's more like 'find a job for/advertise Tessa Blanchard' match, inside Impact). Su Yung and Madison Rayne build a really nice story in- and out of the ring. So I am curious about it and I will watch it with interest. 

I want to see, clearly, Su Yung as a winner and Ryane buried in a casket. That's why I recommended Allie as a winner in the first match... We need the good and positive to score one...

Yes, for me this will be excited - to build Yung as strong, supernatural evil force and bring her down using someone like Rosemary or Allie. I enjoy watching Su working on TV and her way to Impact was long and hard. Her unique Dead Bride gimmick is helping a lot, aside from the little similarity with Rosemary (Hania just lost a lot refusing to job for Yung). 

Madison is more than just a veteran! She's a legend, like Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, The rest of the Beautiful people, etc. Her legacy and contribution for today's KO division existence is undoubted. She is amazing talent, but she need to use her experience to elevate the new names and I think that this might be the (behind the match) purpose of that title battle.  I really hope to see the best 101% from Rayne and losing with class. 

I don't mean that the old names must leave the stage as contenders or hardly winning a single victory! No! Impact especially are really good in their title-changing timing and I am sure that if Madison is available, they will find the exact time to reward her with KO Championship #6... I have more hope about her winning that belt than Mickie James or Alicia Fox winning title in WWE, as veterans! So, i hope that this is not the end for Madison Rayne!


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