Monday, 23 July 2018


Okay! The title is dedicated to me and the rare kind of people who are thinking like me!

... And I just get used to it! Yes! I don't have problem with MYC II, returning stars! I was surprised but as I said they did the same with the previous UK Tournament. So I couldn't be shocked for long and I become more and more curious what will happen and who will fill the missing spots...

I won't lie! I wanted to see totally new selection, from the big indie pool, but NOW I AM TOTALLY FINE AND EXCITED especially with Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez return. Both are really great and I don't mind see them again. I was more annoyed about Rhea Ripley, Reina Gonzalez and Taynara Conti's return. But whatever! Those three women, haven't had a lot of opportunist on TV and all of them are really great talents, all of them were great in their matches last year.

I will share something here. Me and Toni Serano, we have our fantasy booking promotion and we are booking an all-women Queen of the Ring tournament every year using 16 women from the promotion and 16 women from the outside (we called the Outsiders, logically). In the first round we have a star from our company facing an Outsider! We planned for now to use different stars, even to sign stars for every year, as the competitors have the right to be re-booked not for the next but for the year after! 

Well WWE have their own style to rely on an experienced and familiar faces, from the last year and THAT IS PERFECTLY OKAY! I 'survived' the first wave of anointment and here I am waiting with total anticipation to see what the Creatives  have in store for us in one of the most important if not the MOST IMPORTANT AT ALL  all-women event! 

And after that... Give us not only all-women PPV! Give us all-women in-ring TV series, with a lot of indies as a core roster!!! Something like Women of Honor Wednesday, but even better, please!  

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