Sunday, 22 July 2018


Slammiversary is tonight and in the last moment they added another Knockouts match! 

We have some bad experience with last minute cancellation of women's matches in both WWE and Impact, and we hope that we will see this one...

Actually, as I was underlining the fact in the past, these days the rivalries on Impact are going really quickly! The episode where Allie started her rivalry with Tessa Blanchard was broadcast last week. They had these tag team match with Madison Rayne as Allie's partner and Shotzi Blackheart (it would be nice if they sign her) as Blanchard's. Tessa left her partner to establish herself as really mean heel and to safe some strength!

As a good girl and fan of Allie, I want to see her win the match! She's the total babyface even when she gets angry in the ring. I love her work. I used to love it, aside from the controversial beginning like a blond-moron-assistant! I love the comepeting Allie, the one who released her inner-Cherry Bomb! And this is what I want to and will surely see at Slammiversary tonight -  a angry but cute and lovely Allie, dedicated to win the match and teach Blanchard a lesson...

It's time for the bad, realistic part, guys! Realism is always bad and negative!

As analyzer and wannabe-booker I would love to see Tessa Blanchard as a winner! Yes, she's a bad-bad-B*, but she is really stunning athlete in the ring, she is young (Blanchard is 22 years old, Allie is 30 years old, both are younger than me, for sure) and she is the future! I want to see the future win this match, just to get more heat and another match against veteran like Allie, where Allie might win...or she might win on the third match (for luck). 

These days it is hardly to predict anything! I am happy that my predictions for Extreme Rules were good, I hope to see the same in here.

Overall I am expecting a good fight, between strongly presented Good/Face and Evil/Heel... My final prediction goes for Allie ... yeah, surprise: I will explain more clearly 'why?' with the following post... Now I will say enigmatically: We need to see the Good, sweet, positive and innocent as a winner, tonight...


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