Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Girls, don't worry anymore! 

If you are in the RAW brand you may receive title, just for one run in for safe or ambush of the Champion! No matter what fake or real injury you had, there is a hope to be added in a RAW Title match...

OK! Let's calm down!
Bayley is included in the former-Fatal-4-way title match, which is changing the balance totally! We will analyze  the negative and positive aspects:

Negative aspect:

This  is WWE awarding the inactivity with title shot!

Oh, don't worry, this is not the only strange title shot granted ever, but it's freshly occurred and is kind of controversial. 

Bayley missed all the build up of the storyline, while the likes of Emma, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, worked their butts out, for this match and now we have our Huggable Heroine, post-match attacking Nia Jax with a lot of help from Bliss and Banks and then Belly-to-Bayley suplexing the Champ and this is enough to earn a title shot? Really?

Well then add Paige and Summer Rae to the picture... Oh, oh,or  just make it open challenge and allow everyone to enter it! Even Asuka!

Sorry, but I am not 100% amused by this! No, I am not happy! As long as I love Bayley I don't think that she deserve this push!

Positive aspect:

We have Bayley back and catapulted into the big picture, something that many others didn't have a chance to experience! 

Her return was surprising and nice. The angle with Bliss and Banks, was kind of funny in the Bayley's style. The only positive aspect here is her return and the way she did it! The push?! Well read the previous section!

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