Friday, 29 September 2017


Women's wrestling is important part of my life!

It inspired me!

It emancipated me!

It saved me!

So that's why when you open this blog, you must know, that it's more than a result and analysis posting stuff. It's a whole life and inspiration, behind the view.

We are situated in Europe. Europe is the Old Continent, where the civilizations raised and fell down to dust, where the culture, was borne, where many great artist of the past created their paintings and sculptures and stunning literature...

Europe is not a good place if you want to deal with your passion about wrestling. Especially Eastern Europe, where the opinion about wrestling is divided in the two ends of the scale love-hatred! It's hard to follow it! Now thanks to WWE Network and I have some valuable resource of information...

But the situation with the other most wanted is not good!

We contacted SHINE! We beg them to work with us, because we believe in them! Well, they didn't answer! They don't believe in us! Whatever, this will not stop me for loving their talents and to think about them as one good platform for women's wrestling!

SHIMMER! Where the hell you can find, their roster? Where is the platform that has all of their episodes? I am lost about it...

WSU - great promotion, hard to learn anything about it via Inet!

GFW Impact - So controversial, so unclear future! I love their KO division and I still have some hope for them, but what will happened when Rosemary and Gail Kim left the 'building' permanently? Most importantly, If I want to follow GFW, can I get resources, from somewhere? Their new site is kind of messy for me...

Lucha Underground - with 4-5 women, including my all-time favorite Ivelisse, LU, didn't do anything to help their EU's followers. Even EU Netflix is not broadcasting them in every region, how to write something really deep and valuable about them, when you have limited or no access to their photos, bios, results?

ROH- they don't have a women's belt, they don't have a WOH site even, don't ask what events, they are holding, because the information is not leaving the USA! Only good videos from Wednesday's WOH in YTube!

We use alternate sources - YouTube and other media to see and learn what the hell is happening in the US women's promotions and divisions! We are searching for rosters information, we are searching for results, and we are not 100% happy with the lack of collaboration! So that's why you will have a limited view from us, mostly concentrated on WWE - because WWE knows how to bring resources to it's followers!

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