Wednesday, 27 July 2016


The shows are long, and full of ... rematches!!!

I am allowing myself to change the "Game of thrones" famous quote... :)

 Well, nothing wrong with the rematches! Absolutely! The modified rematch on RAW, between Sasha and Charlotte, the real rematch between Nattie and Becky... they are all great, but where are the newcomers and Naomi and Eva? Wait the second, we are going to that topic too, but first...


SmackDown! Live invest part of  its TV time in one women's match. A match between the current top competitors of the brand. It was a Battleground PPV rematch and it was the expected one... 

After weeks of ambushes, attacks in the back and chasing around, after painful tap out on Sunday's Battleground, The Irish Lass Kicker finally get her long awaited victory over her nemesis.

The match included a lot of simple moves, that I enjoyed. Without Whirlybirds headscissors or fancy moves, that can be easily countered if they were applied, in a real fight. Nothing wrong with that. But the simple takedowns and clotheslines, are more realistic. I enjoy every move that all of WWE women do - simple or risky! These women were impressive without doing hurricanrana or moonsaults. They showed some real grappling on the mat. 

The most important part is that these women are working well together and I think that many of us want to see them continuing their rivalry!


If you expect to see Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Naomi or Eva Marie, you will see them! 


Not in a match!

All women cut promo, to declare their intentions in their own way/style. SmackDown! Live decided to make commercial of their other women's competitors... Nothing wrong with that! They want us to desire to see them competing in the near future and give us a taste of what coming. 

I hope to see Alexa vs. Naomi and Eva vs. Carmella, next week! Or one of both matches.   

Alexa Bliss
Naomi and Alexa Bliss can work together very well. Both women have risky styles, that you enjoy to watch. My personal opinion is that they will put on a good fight, next to Natalya and Becky. Naomi shows some Face turn characteristics and that will be nice. If she turns Face we will have 3 on 3 Faces vs. Heels equation. Alexa is great in her Heel gimmick fro NXT and she can keep it in SmackDown! Live. Bliss also can help Naomi to revive her heat, costed by her long time of inactivity. Naomi can help Alexa to enter on 100% WWE women's wrestling scene. So come on, book them together!!! That will be great!

I know you hate it, but Eva Marie and Carmella, worked great together in NXT, so they could continue their almost forgotten rivalry!

Fans hate Eva Marie, because she modeling, because she looks so-selfish, because she "can't" wrestle and most importantly because "Total Divas" and The Bella Twins. 

Eva Marie
I shall say this only once! Eva has improve herself, she trained hard, and she work hard. All that jealousy about her individual training with Brian Kendrick, her modeling and booked acting as a selfish and arrogant woman, has nothing to deal with the reality.  

Carmella is good fighter, too. She can put a good match with everyone. She looks like someone with who is easy to work and you enjoy it! Carmella is so natural, since her debut! She worked great with Leva Bates, Alexa, Nia, Bayley and Eva in the past! She can do it now... buuut, I want to see her working a match with Natalya. Carmella and The Queen of Harts, have submission finishers and it will be nice to see them clash with each other on SmackDown!. The Princess vs. The Queen! 

It's all about booking!

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