Wednesday, 20 July 2016


RAW got Mick Foley!

SMACKdown Live got Daniel Bryan!

With Shane O'Mac as his back up, Bryan is supposed to deliver a good product. He have AJ Styles, John Cena, Randy Orton and WWE Champion Dean Ambrose!

But we are talking about women's wrestling!

In 2002 SmackDown! has several good women's talents like Torrie Wilson, Sable, Stacy Keibler (for a while) and Nidia debuted later... ECW legend Dawn Marie was part of their roster, too! But I don't have a lot of favorite SmackDown then-Divas' moments. Maybe because the then-Divas moments were so rare.

WWE Divas Title (I know that many people hate it), was the landscape changing thing. It was exclusive for SmackDown! (before being drafted to RAW). It was a reason to push SmackDown! women into the spotlight.

In 2016 we have new breed of talents. SmackDown! Live  gave us a lot of surprises in their women's roste, as well. Let see who is on Tuesday Night's Live show:

 I am happy for her!

Alexa deserves this honor, as every other hard working NXT woman! I was started to worry about her future, because her career had started to go in circle, back there in NXT. She was suitable for the NXT gold...But know she has the opportunity to target a bigger prize and to do a lot of great things.
I think that Becky's orange hair and amazing wrestling style can fit well in the both brands, but the greatest news are that her rivalry with Natalya can be extended. 

Becky Lynch is amazing competitor with serious background and roots in the Independent scene. SmackDown! is lucky to have her competing for them, and eventually to win the title for the brand in the future... Why not?
When I open this morning, to see the new rosters and brands, this one still wasn't be added to the SmackDown! Live page. Later I have read the rounds and the picks and it there I find that she is drafted, too.

I am a little bit disappointed that she is separated from Enzo and Cass, but the fact that they have picked her, speaks a lot for the trust and the plans of WWE about her. She can continue to fight her NXT rivals Alexa and Eva, she can find a lot of new challenges. 

Since many of us expected Bayley to be drafted, this was a pleasant, shocking surprise! Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Nia Jax are now part of WWE's main brands, and we can expect a takeover in the near future.
 Eva Marie has gotten that strange status!

She debuted as a reality star for "Total Divas". Fans started too boo her, because at the time she didn't show any serious intention to be a real professional wrestler. To send her back in NXT, was good decision. She needed to train more.

I am from the people who believe that you must gave someone equal opportunity with the others, to allow him/her to develop her/his skills and then to judge her/him! 

Eva Marie didn't get that chance at the time, when "Total Divas" started. She was forced into wrestle the likes of AJ Lee, just to bring rating for the reality show. I am sure that she knows that her WWE debut wasn't well planned and she wasn't ready for the ring competition back then. After her time in NXT, she evolve, like it or not! Now I hope to see her in a good storylines and matches at SmackDown! Live.
Maryse had a lot of history in SmackDown! brand in the past.

She debuted as SmackDown! Diva, she won her first Divas Championship in that brand. Now she is back in it.

Maryse becomed the second woman who WWE resigned (after the Bella Twins, which are counted as one resign!). Now she is a valet, because her health status is not clear. She was released because of her back injury. 

We don't know what role she can have in the women's division, except as a valet, at this point.
 Surprisingly, Naomi was announced as eligible for the Draft 2016!

This eventually means that she is medically clear and now she is ready for competition. Even in SmackDown! Live.

Naomi is "champion material". She's great. She's athletic and innovative. She works hard. She deserves it. Now she is one of the several "old" female competitors (next to Natalya and Becky Lynch), who has the chance to bring WWE Women's title to the blue brand.
 Speaking about veterans...

Natalya debuted on SmackDown!. She was part of the Divas Championship legacy as an opponent of Michelle McCool, in the match that was booked to crown the first-ever title holder. 

Years later Nattie is back at home! She still continues to make legacy on her own. She is talented, ambitious and most importantly she puts her whole heart into wrestling, with one goal on her mind -to be the Best of the Best!

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