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If this is true, WWE will take off the roof of the sports entertainment. 

In action against Alicia Fox
According to DivaDirt there are rumors that Melina and other famous women and men from the nearest and far WWE past, may return.

The rumors are not confirmed.
Melina is one of the best wrestlers in the world (that is confirmed by Bret Hart and every wrestling fan, around the world). Her release in late 2011 was more than shocking! 

She received some positives of her release, like the opportunity to travel around the USA and the rest of the world on her own, to change her hairstyle, to chose what to wear, to be free.... Most importantly - more experience and fame.

Melina is a living legend, like Lita, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Ivory, Jacqueline, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix and Mickie James & etc.

Locking-up Natalya
She is skilled, talented, exotic, fierce and most importantly she showed a constant love for wrestling business. When you see her working on a match, you can feel the energy, the passion that she add to it.

# She is one of the most flexible women who ever step that ring. ;)

Maria was often her "pray"

Melina is iconic!

She's like a pop or movie star in the wrestling's world . She's more than a pretty face and she can teach a lot of her experience to the new WWE women's Superstars. 

Melina is suitable to become WWE Women's champion and to drive the other women to the peak of their limits. She can make the likes of Paige, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and etc. to work harder than ever and to over-jump themselves.

Beautiful Lotus Lock!!!
Melina's unique moves set is diverse and constantly renewed. She knows how to use her flexibility and skills to dominate and to get what she deserves.

# Submission or sunset-flip powerbomb it doesn't matter when Melina do it.

# If she returns we can see the Battle of the Muta locks. Emma vs. Melina!

The Glamazon struggling to survive Melina's California Dream
Melina is someone who is not afraid from challenges of any type and challengers of any size. Her epic rivalries in WWE are still alive in the memories of WWE women's division fans. Like her battles with Beth Phoenix or Mickie James, for example.

# She will be happy to face the likes of Nia Jax and Paige and eventually to lock them in any of her submissions.

Blond, purple, red! Hair color doesn't matter... If they bring her back to RAW (she made a lot of legacy in that brand and won her first title in it), they will (almost) destroy the other brand's women's division for a blink.

# Melina will face great opponents in the face of RAW Superstars, especially in the face of The Boss, Paige, Nia and Charlotte. She can have Dana Brooke for "breakfast"! :)

They may return Victoria on SmackDown!, which is a great idea for the blue brand, but if Melina returns, she will bring a lot of ground-shaking -women's division-changing magic. If Mick Foley and Stephanie succeed to bring her back in RAW, their show and women's division will be changed forever.

The only way SmackDown Live to even the odds is:
 1. to create women's title;
2. to re-hire Victoria and
3. to add Ivelisse Velez to their brand!

Two out of three possible are not enough!

Go WWE! Go Melina!

Second chance always works, when you want it to work!


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