Tuesday, 21 March 2017


She's not the most girls, but she definitely is one of the RAW Women's title Challengers at WrestleMania 33!

Actually, being sort of a different, not typical model-alike woman, is helping Nia Jax to get pushed. This and her hard work, since day one. You can say whatever you want about her, but she worked her way to this match. Well, she spent a lot of time smashing indie workers, but she smashed them  with dedication and with a lot of professionalism.

I was surprised and shock in a positive way, when this morning I brows the RAW results and I watched the video sample on WWE.com. The match were obviously good, sort of traditional, old-new episode of Bayley vs. Nia Jax. I liked the moment's when Charlotte and Sasha Banks, were shown watching it. I am sort of "not into the finish" of the match, but it was nice power-move oriented (I prefer the Leg Drop).

Nia Jax has been stuck in the middle for a while, fighting jobbers and Sasha Banks. She has always had this chemistry with Bayley and the idea to involve her in the WrestleMania's title picture is not bad. Now we can see Jax messing up with the Queen Bee - Charlotte Flair in a really high-staked match. And in this fatal-4-way, she has sort of chances to leave as the new Champion...

Actually, I think that this is not a good idea! It's good if you want another Alexa Bliss case - overworked and early-pushed as a champion, former-NXT talent. She has a name for herself, but when she is pushed to the top and forced to meet a well established competitors, like Bayley, The Boss and Charlotte, it doesn't mean anything.

Nia passed several tests to reach that spot!


She survived Asuka. That special match in Japan was really important for Jax's development. More importantly, she has alredy learned how to lose a match, instead of won constantly. Nia improve her wrestling skills every time she stepped in the ring and her time is about to come... but I am sceptic about title win on WrestleMania! I don't know! I still have this feeling that she needed to show more back there in NXT and to won their women's belt. But at the end her flaws are so tiny and sort of invisible... But if she win the belt, all of the presure will be big enough, all the attention will be heavy enough to put on display her every technical weakness and flaw.

Thanks, God - Nia is a hard working, ethical, respectful woman, as we were able to see in Breaking Ground. She is always ready to learn and help the others, with her charming, in-a-not-evil way smile, during the trainings. She build a nice dominant-heel character, from zero to RAW roster Superstar. She is a really solid competitor and that's why she earned WWE's official respect and thrust. That's why she received this entrance...

Can't wait to see her at WM33!

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