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The self-announced as the Greatest female competitor at SmackDown Live's roster will face all of her active fellows.

After a great Blissertation last evening, where she pissed off three of the top women in WWE and the GN Daniel Bryan, Alexa earned a reign threatening match at WrestleMania! 

First: SDL's creatives did it again! All of their talents are involved in a PPV, which is a great display of an honer to all of them. 

Second: The most important question is who will join Becky Lynch, Natalya and Mickie James in this "everyone is invited" title clash.

Third: Can we see Alexa's reign over, at the Grandest Stage of Them All?

On the first point - well, done SD Live creatives! They didn't just booked a match. They booked a match and left some questions about who exactly will be involve in it, aside from the three already mentioned challenger. What type of multi-contestant match it will be - battle royal, championship scramble, gauntlet, etc. ? So, it's not like the RAW booked match with no questions and mysteries surrounding it! 

On the second point: Who? This is the major question, before "How?". Who else will be involved in this title shot? 

Daniel Bryan said "All of the active women in the locker room". Becky, Natalya and Mickie made their statements... They are in!

That's exclude Naomi. It's sad, because she deserves this moment, too. But it's not totally sure that she won't appear at the show. Her injury is still quite suspicious and not well documented as many others. This silence surrounding it is good environment for the breeding of rumors and expectations. Maybe Naomi will recover fast , as a miracle! Who knows? But at this point we accept that she is unavailable.

Nikki Bella definitely has a 99% chance to enter the match, if she is not involved into a Mixed Tag Team match with John Cena, against The Miz and Maryse! Or just valeting John in a match against The Miz. If the second happens she will be available for the title's match. We can't see her as winner, but a s a challenger and challenge -  she will be great!

Carmella /with her pet James Ellsworth/ can bring some Fabulous chaos in the ring. She's a wild card and with Ellsworth by herside anything can nappened, but not and crowning her for SDL Women's Champion... Of course there is a possibility for this, but it's not a good idea, when you have more well developed characters and skilled wrestlers like Lynch, Natalya and James at the front line. 

Maryse? What is her role in this division, except for attacking her the enemies' girlfriends of her husband. We know that she was released during a serious injury, that ended her career back then. Now she is back and maaaybe she is recovered at some point to do several simple,  not  risky, but effective moves. Maybe she will do that in a Mixed match, or maybe she will try to steal the title. At this point we are thinking that there will be Mixed tag team match, or Cena vs. The Miz, with Nikki and Maryse at ringside.

Maybe someone will return?
Tamina Snuka. You almost forget this name, but she is training for return, and it was mentioned that she will return as a part of the Blue brand. Is it possible this Superstar veteran to make her return at WrestleMania 33? Why not?! Tamina is a really skilled and powerful woman. She never won a title in WWE, but she always was a step near to win it. One of her memorable rivalries was against Beth Phoenix, for the Divas Title, back then. Actually, Tamina spent a lot of time recovering from injuries, last years. Maybe she is not a good choice for a SDL Champion, but she is a good choice for making of a competitive match. Or eventually to make a final appearance at WrestleMania! Who knows?! We hope to see her for another two-three years, but these injuries...

Eva Marie! 

Speaking about the Devil!!! 😉😉😉 I think that there are more fans who questioned themselves: When Eva Marie, will emerge back in the ring? Why not on WrestleMania? She will be that spicy element who will get that needed negative heat from the audience! Love it or hate it, but Eva is one of the women who receives a strong reaction from the WWE Universe! Why not using her? It will be awesome. 

The third point - Is Alexa's reign seriously threatened? 

Of course it is! You have a match set, without even know who else will be involved, against the whole active women's division of Smack Down Live, in a match with unclear stipulations! The things are serious... and intriguing! Alexa has the right to feel scared, for her second reign. 

Of course our bets are for one of the three women involved in this Tuesday's show angle and match. 

Let's start with Becky Lynch. The inaugural champion, who has this amazing rivalry with Bliss for months. The Irish Lass Kicker is a real Champion material (aside from Natalya's statement) and she will bring her fire to WrestleMania for a second time. Well, deserved opportunity, for which she work really hard. Becky has good chances to leave as SDL Women's champion. But it's not sure.
What about Natalya? 

Natalya is amazing veteran, who deserves respect and title reign. The question is: Is WrestleMania 33, the right place for her to win a title? Maybe. Why not? Nattie waited for this for too long. She won a title (1st and only to this point) back in 2010! Eight years is a really long period, but she is not the only one, who have waited for a long time, to get another reign. Check Lita's title reigns. Maybe, Nattie will earn a future shot and will win the belt, but for WrestleMania it will be nice to see someone else like...
... Mickie James! Yes, she deserves it! Aside from the pact that she is back from nearly two months. Mickie is still one of the best in WWE and one of the greatest worldwide (as Becky Lynch says). Mickie is undoubtedly Champion material and huge challenge for every woman in SD Live's locker-room.  Her experience is priceless and she could accomplish more, as her Hall Of Fame spot is granted! If Mickie win at WrestleMania 33, this will mean a lot of battles with former ally Bliss, matches with all of the women in the roster.  Epic rivalries with Becky Lynch and Natalya. But the chances are 50:50.

All active women will be on display. This is not going to be like Vickie Guerrero's Invitational match at WM30. We hope it's going to be better!

April 02, 2017! WrestleMania 33! 
Can't wait for it!  


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