Saturday, 26 August 2017


The unexpectedly - expected has happened!

Asuka, the 500+ days NXT Women's Champion relinquished her title, due to injury. The reign will be officially over, when the segment is broadcasts, according to . The Empress of Tomorrow was undefeated as champion, but now as the article says, she will recover and concentrate on new opportunities in WWE.  

Who is next on the line and can we see a tournament that will determine who will fight for the vacated belt? The line is long and colorful.

Ember Moon is our pick!

As we have said thousand times - this woman is 100% devoted to wrestling, she loves what she is doing and she works hard to be where she is. She is the appropriate next NXT Women's Champion, because she is always one step too close to the belt and one step further than her other opponents. 

Of course we are not excluding and underrating the chances of Ruby Riot, for next title inheritance. The tattooed Superstar already made a lot of waves into the women's divisions sea. Of course she will need to deal with her Iconic Problem, but after that she will be totally concentrated on the title picture.

Nikki Cross is someone we are expecting to  make a serious statement about the title. She was closer to it in three different occasions and definitely she is someone you must not miss from your sight. Cross is the wild card on NXT women's locker room and she will put a good fight for the long awaited belt and position!

The Iconic Duo will be one of the serious challengers on the way to the NXT Women's title battle. Billie and Peyton are two of the most dangerous women when it comes down to the belt. They know that they are good and they know that they deserve a shot. So be sure that they will be included in the future event, that will determine the next champion.

These are the top 5 names that we can see involved in a future tournament or whatever it will be. We hope that it will be a tournament. We are not excluding the likes of Liv Morgan, Aliyah, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, from the picture. Maybe if it's a 16- women tournament we will have the whole TV roster involved. We are more willing to see the rising talents like Sarah Logan, Abbey Laith, Sage Beckett, Vanessa Borne, Lacey Evans and Bianca Belair taking part in it, even to have some girls from the main roster like Emma or Paige, participating. 

Actually we are working on idea for a brackets, right now and soon we will present it it to you. 

Until then we can enjoy MYC, on August 28. We can wait and see where Asuka is heading after her recovery and to wait and see who will be her successor in the amazing NXT women's division!

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