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Where the road leads for GFW: Impact Wrestling Knockouts division?

Like WWE, they started to bring iconic names from the past, even for several months, meanwhile others are leaving. These days DivaDirt announced that GFW is signing more indie talents like Kiera Hogan and Hania The Howling Huntress, which is kind of progressive. But was the release of the likes of Marti Bell(e), Jade, Maria Kanellis and others, good decisions? What will happened when one of the supporting pier - Gail Kim is retiring? What the future holds?

Gail Kim

Many talents have been released or left the company in the past months. Marti Bell was quietly released. Awesome Kong left with scandal. Reby Hardy is no longer part of the GFW's Desperate housewives, like newly reborn as wrestler Brandi Rhodes. The amazing Jade was released, too. The Iconic Madison Rayne left the promotion in July 2017, after struggling to fit in any storyline. Maria Kanellis left with her husband and ran back to WWE. Christina Von Eerie who entered the merged promotions as GFW Women's Champion was released too.

At the top of it the inaugural,  former 6-times TNA/GFW Knockouts Champion Gail Kim is retiring in the late 2017. But first she has some unfinished work with returning Taryn Terrell. 

We saw Angelina Love and Brooke Tessmacher returning for a while and leaving, too. 

Taryn Terrell
The Knockouts turnover is heavily existing and obvious these past two years! Somehow it's tradition for that company, to release and rehire their employees, to have this unstable environment. And this is because they have open contracts with their talents and kind of letting everybody do his/her things. As second best they have hit the jackpot aligning themselves with Lucha Underground in a desperate effort to earn some stability, but it looks like collision of different Universes!

Taya Valkyrie
So, in this unstable situation it's logical to have turnovers. And GFW, was kind of ready for compromises with it's women's division who was always sort of attractive, but always missing an opportunities and alway centered around one figure - The Knockouts Champion.


ODB and Taryn Terrell are back! 

ODB is iconic for TNA, since day one. Unsuccessful WWE-OVW Alumna, she build amazing legacy in TNA/Impact and now she is willing to add more historical moments to the new incarnation of GFW! ODB worked for ROH, meanwhile, but there is no doubt that she feels GFW: Impact Wrestling Knockouts division as her home, more than any other promotion.

Ava Storie
Well, I am not pleased by Taryn Terrell's return! She hysterically left the company several years ago to be a "fundamental, devoted Christian", crying how sinful was her attire and how blasphemous were her characters in WWE and TNA! So she left her stable and her career peak, inspired to be a 'reborn bigot' by an YouTube video (not even by a voice from the sky or burning bush!!!). She spit on other fellow wrestlers and Christians accomplishments,like Norah 'Molly Holly' Greenwald and Michelle McCool, with an ease! Now she is back as heel, wanting to destroy Gail Kim -  the woman who have real legacy in WWE and TNA/GFW! She might be the longest reigning (in single reign) KO Champion, but she is one of the most non-serious employee ever! Sorry, but there are more dedicated and talented women who I prefer to see instead of her!

At the end I wish them both a lot of luck and to do their best, to help this divided and unstable division, to get some stability!


Alisha Edwards
Hm, most of the 'rookies' are actually experienced names from the independent scene, transformed into different characters.

We have Allie - better known as Cherry Bomb, iconic indie wrestler, who was brought down to a sweet and naive character, who needs someone to train her, for every single match. That is a real and kind of interesting challenge for a woman who can clash with Rosemary in a extreme rules matches, for indie promotions. We have Laurel Van Ness - also known as Chelsea Green, really talented wrestler, who was turned into an emotionally unstable vileness, who run around with a bottle of champagne and teared down wedding dress, wearing blurry makeup. Interesting! We have Rosemary - the best character for us, the amazingly transformed indie icon Courtney Rush, who can really grab the audience attention and is someone who is not afraid of nay kind of extreme matches. We have Sienna -  the Champ, also known as Allysin Kay - the woman with tones of history in every famous all-women promotion or in many promotion's women divisions. Now she is a GFW Unification Knockouts Champion and the powerful toll to be taken by Gail Kim. We have and Alisha Edwards  - known to the indie's fans as Nevaeh, who appered in another Family war storyline.

We have and real newbies for GFW like Diamante, MJ Jenkins, who wrestles since 2015 and Ava Storie who debuted in 2016 for SHINE, a model and pro-wrestler. All of them are promising and fresh names. Storie even messed up with the big names like Christina Von Eerie and Laurel Van Ness, while Jenkins is waiting for her moment. Diamante or Priscilla Zuniga even had a match against Asuka in NXT!


Three names: Kiera Hogan, Hania The Howling Huntress and Taya Valkyrie. 

Kiera Hogan
Yes, Taya Valkyrie is officially signed to GFW as a heel and she made her debut. The tall and colorful Amazon will try to cope with the Knockouts and to earn some fame, there in the GFW Zone. Actually signing her is a good deal for GFW and we hope we'll see more from her, not only two appearence and 'Bye! Bye!'.

MJ Jenkins
Hania (27 years old) is someone really familiar to the fans of  WSU, FWE, ROH, Queens of Combat etc. She is experienced young talent, who debuted for WSU as the masked character Saturyne. Her epic rivalry with Athena (now Ember Moon in WWE) is one of the memorable with its hardcore matches, between both of them.

Kiera Hogan is quickly rising to fame talent who worked for WSU, SHINE etc. She even participated in SHINE Nova Championship tournament and is a WSU Spirit Champion. We hope that GFW will book her properly and that she will earn a fame and some stability as a part of the second famous promotion. Who knows, maybe her future is holding a KO title reign? Why not?
Laurel Van Ness

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