Monday, 21 August 2017


SummerSlam is over with a lot of title changes, some controversy and a lot of consequences up to come. We have a veteran who waited for 6 years to reach to her newest title reign - sometimes the patience paid off; We had a wheel turned and the circle closed back for a fourth time - the belt returns to one of its usual owners, so she can tie the record of her friend Flair! Surprisingly we didn't saw Miss Money in the Bank at the entrance ramp, pointing at her briefcase - she just watched the match from behind the scene.

Let's turn the event back and analyze what was exactly happened and what the consequences maybe follow the SummerSlam!


Actually The Queen of Hearts dominated totally her opponent.  Naomi didn't have a time to take a breath. We didn't watched this sort of domination for a long time. Natalya used every mistake, every possibility to the end of the match.

Naomi's offense was on higher level as always in the rare moments when she was able to escape from Nattie's technical maneuvers. Beautiful diving neckbreaker from the ring post, nice series of jumping kicks and extremely beautiful (unsuccessful) attempt for a Split-legged moonsault, ruined by the challengers, knees. Oh, and she tried to lock her Feel The Glow submission, which the Queen of the Hearts, escaped technically.

Natalya was in her top shape, giving herself at 100 %, using her signatures like the Abdominal Stretch and Discus Clothesline... At the end after one an unsuccessful  Sharpshooter attempt, which Naomi escaped really great, Nattie was able to lock it for sure and to win the belt.

Now we can say that WWE finally paid some respect to this veteran, who devotedly waited six years for her time to come. Of course there will be rematch and we still have this Carmellsworth factor that can play a vital role in this picture. Who knows, maybe Carmella will wait for the rematch or for Tamina vs. Natalya, which may definitely come to TV. At this point we can wait for the CASH-IN! No matter how the rematch will go or who will challenge who, we have this X-Factor, waiting to steal one from the Blue Brand women's division!

The match overall was well worked and really dynamic. As my colleague here said it was good, but not memorable. Yes, we will remember that Natalya won the belt maybe we will remember the end and her domination, but there was nothing historical in it. Just fan's classic and data for title's history statistics followers!   Just another title match that ended with title change. The important here is that Natalya is finally at the top and now we are looking for the new opportunities that this title reigns will open.


That match was equally, even sort of a better than SmackDown Women's title battle. Just a little drop of best! 

Both Alexa and Sasha were amazingly welcomed by the crowd. Their match was more full of twists and counters, than their fellows from Team Blue. RAW bet on dramatics, more than SmackDown Live, where the technique is on the first place. Not that in the first match, dramatic was missing, but when you have Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, we know that the dramatic element is extended to beyond the limits and the ring.

The match was intensive too. The champ put her arsenal on display. She performed her Glitz Flip jumping knee first from the second rope and executing back-flip knee strike, immediately after that. She even used the Old School Heels hair stepping and pull move and hit Twisted Bliss successfully! The Goddess didn't give up without a fight! She even try to won the match via count out... Alexa was at the top of her heel game...

But Sasha Banks, bested her! She countered Sunset Flip Powerbomb and DDT attempt, she survived a painful work on her injured shoulder and hand. The Boss used every mistake of Bliss, as Bliss do the same too. It was really good remake of their old rivalry, when Bliss was 'the good guy' and the Boss was the 'villain'. It was obviously the night when the favorite finishers decided the end of the matches. The Bank Statement was locked and Alexa had nowhere to go!

The match was really good. I think that both of them were good and important. But like the SmackDown's match, this was sort of usual simple title match, that you maybe not remember after three months, if you are not a fan. You again will remember that The Boss became a RAW Women's Champion for fourth time at SummerSlam, but you may not remember how, except for the finisher! Once again I am saying that the important things here are the consequences. 

These four women worked amazingly good in this two matches and now RAW and SDL post-SSlam will be more heater than ever. Sasha's win maybe closed the circle back to her, but there is a line waiting to dethrone her. Natalya finally got what she waited so desperately. And there are still Carmella and Ellsworth, waiting to attack from the shadows!

I just can' wait for this week RAW and SDL! SummerSlam just set the things and fired up the situation! Now we will wait and see what will happened this Monday and Tuesday! I hope that it will be good as well!

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