Friday, 21 October 2016


Wow! Lucha Underground dared to add a roster of its Luchadors and it looks really nice!

But it's not full!

Where is the Black Lotus?

Where is Catrina?

What about Kobra Moon?

Those three women are still in Lucha Underground, aren't they?

Let's concentrate on the displayed women. We have Ivelisse! We have Mariposa! We have Taya! We even have a photo of Sexy Star in their Instagram (which is really colorful and nice). 

I desperately hope to see more talented Luchadoras in action. I hope to see Black Lotus to wrestle again, maybe in a mixed tag team with her "client".

I am so curious about this Kobra Moon. And I hope to see Catrina messing around.

But what we in AWOW really need to see is women's title! Something like Reigna del Reignas or something... There is nothing new under the sun, and if LU decided to stop telling us that they don't want to copy WWE, they can do a lot of things, freely instead of creating a fantastic storylines, that are better accepted by Latino-American audience.

At some point Lucha Undergraund is even better than ROH and TNA. They can eliminate ROH by developing their women's division and get some heat from the Women's Wrestling Revolution. That will be great. 

I'm starting to love their product, but I really need to see more AWOW action! Hope that I will get it!

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