Wednesday, 19 October 2016



The good news: Emma is returning obviously to RAW(according to this Monday's vignette)! RAW women's division really needs a strong and a technical woman like the amazing Australian talent.

Lance Storm's wrestling school Alumna was forced to take time out for a surgery and recovery after back injury, earlier this year at house show. The blond beauty made her return last week in another live event, teaming with the SDL women, which almost makes me go berserk - come on, SDL already has strong women's roster, Emma is needed in RAW! Especially after my anti-discipline-everything-is-freedom-no-responsibilities favorite British Superstar was suspended and it looks like she's  on her way to make PaigeXit (I am still wounded, mad and disappointed)!  

Now the scariest thing about her return...

Emma is "makeover"-ed to "Emmalina", according to the promo, filled with glamour-modeling photos. New gommick? Of a glamour-model-wannabe? Well, she is gorgeous, and even me, as non-lesbian person can honestly admire her look. But it's not the look who make you, famous. In the pre-Attitude and the Attitude era, the look was important. But not today! Eva Marie is evidence for that - beautiful, but hated by the fans, even when she improved her skills. So, we may see Emma(lina) as a beautiful, eventually mean model. Something like Melina's gimmick - beauty surrounded by a photographs!

That "Emmalina" promo scares me! But it makes me curious, too!

Emma is more than a beauty! But I actually can swallow her new gimmick, if this is the price to see her competing in RAW. At the beginning one little part of my mind, screaming that Emmalina thing may means - Emma and Melina! Double Muta Lock Threat for every Superstar! Crazy! But good as idea! But it looks like we are going to see something "new"! I desperately hope that this will be good!

So we can sit and wait!

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