Monday, 10 October 2016


Dear, Paige!

I hope that you are fine, that your health condition is improving and next year you'll be back!

I am not writing you just like a fan! Well, deep inside I am a huge fan of women wrestlers  - I identify with them, I adore your power, skills and confidence. I respect and admire the way you survive in this rude, raw and cruel "man's business", making a legacy on your own! I write from as a fan, but most importantly as a women's wrestling connoisseur. Like a person who didn't look after women's sexiness or cutness! A person that enjoys to see women like you making a statement, being different in many ways and showing that their are even better from the men, in their own men's business!

You are legend, girl! You are so close to that status, that you can barely touch it. You are the part of WWE that they can't afford to lose, because they will lose some of their vitality. 

I don't know how you feel! I can only imagine, be emphatic to all the things, that happens to you. Only you know how you feel deep inside. 

I can't remember your last match! I remember you faced Charlotte for the WWE Women's title and failed, because it was not a right time. Then you were injured, drafted, suspended and your boyfriend was released. Well, I believe that if you are meant to be with someone, the distance can be overcome. Maybe this is something that bring grief and rage in you. Damn! It's totally normal! But I know that it's just the top of the iceberg. 

To know that you are capable of a lot and to be pushed aside! That is harmful, but it's not the end because there are people out there, who know and remember your debut, your days in NXT, your rivalry with AJ  ant etc. Some of us may not remember your last match, but we remember your whole WWE career of amazing matches. 

This is not the end!

It can't be! 

You know what you are capable off, they knew it, too! Get yourself together, girl! Recover and come back, where you belong, because you are more than a wrestler and role model, you are an inspiration! You are trailblazer and future legend and you still have challenges and new horizons to overcome and conquer! 

WWE is place, like no one else. It's a land of possibilities. Cruel kingdom, with Spartan rules. But it can be a warm family and almost like home for many brave young people. And you are one brave young woman, who deserves to be in there. Don't let disappointment of the situation, ruined your career, future and wrestling dreams! 

Don't let it tripped you!

Be brave as always! Be wild as always! 

Wish you fast recovery and amazing return in WWE!

P.S.: I miss you and Emma, like I miss my Amazing Ivelisse! :)

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