Friday, 21 October 2016


What a victory for the newbie Danielle Kamela! If you love to win by referee decision after a beat-down!

The real winner was Nikki Cross! That finisher at the end was powerful and undoubtedly the perfect end of the match.

Let's start with the positives. The pros.  

It was nice to see Nikki pushed to debut match, straight her return as a part of the SAnitY. Many valets must wait before their ring debut (like Lana, for example) or never made it. But Nikki is not in the role of eye-candy heel valet. She was promoted as an equal member of the stable. She is competitor and athlete, so it was nice to see her in action that soon. She was really great.

The negatives. The cons.

Her crazy-chick gimmick was... I don't now! The words are ready to fall from my mouth like a waterfalls, but I am not sure that they will be appropriate. No, I don't want to put insult to her gimmick, because I respect the woman behind it - I respect her for her experience and her indie legacy, but that what I saw this week in NXT! It leaves me with a lot of mixed to negative feelings. 

I am sorry for using this word, but at one moment she acted like a retard. I didn't get the idea - is she crazy and brutal, or she is retarded and brutal? I don't like it very much! Of course this is my opinion, but I think that they must work on that gimmick. 

She lost the match but she smiled - with not crazy enough smile. She bite herself, scratched her own face, even slap it, but I don't know somehow I didn't buy it. 

Nikki Cross, formerly known as Nikki Storm is a promising NXT and WWE talent. Maybe she need to watch some crazy moments of former talents like Victoria, Mickie James and AJ Lee and to mix their "crazyness" into her gimmick. 

Maybe we need to see more of that, to get with it! 

We'll wait and we'll see!

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