Monday, 29 April 2019


Rebellion is over!

We had three matches that involved women and one of them was last minute addition. 

I am kind of angry because Impact Wrestling is not doing any photos or short videos for their shows and PPVs. Aside from the fact that we are with limited financials. So I am forced to use what I have...

Overall the show looked fine... I checked the results and was kind of happy to see the Intergender match added.  I am happy with the other two matches endings as well. Since I have to make this review with pieces of info (didn't have time and money to watch) it would be more analytics oriented (something I do better) 

SCARLETT BORDEAUX /w. Fallah Bahh/ defeated ROHIT RAJU /w. Desi Hit Squad/

That was one quickly, very quickly developed rivalry. For around three weeks in a row before the PPV. I love the way they booked Bordeaux! The way she stays strong in this Intergender matches is entertaining and not absurd at all. It's fine. 

Intergender wrestling slowly begins to take back its positions from the past. Remember then-WWF - there was a lot of Intergender action going on, especially with teams like Team Xtreme (Hardy Boyz and Lita) against the likes of TnA (Test, Albert, and Trish), as we had moments when Lita and Chyna fought men, as well, in 1 on 1 matches. 

It's interesting in these modern days when several male stars love to mix it up in the ring against women in the indies, to see large promotion booking that kind of match as well. Bordeaux is not the type of female wrestler that you can imagine in this role, so that makes it exciting to see her winning it. 

Actually, her character is winning the fans sympathy, long before she won her intergender clashes. She is not only a good look, but she can also throw moves and with well-planed spots, there is no problem for her to win... With a little bit of help from Bahh. 


Overall, that match was kind of surprise, despite the fact that we watch Scarlett and Fallah Bahh messing with the Desi Hit Squad, for weeks, prior. Interesting idea! 

NOTE: This one didn't count in the predictions, because it didn't book back there. But if it was announced earlier our prediction should be 60% on 40%!!! 


Here is our totally correct prediction. 

I'll start with the fact that Valkyrie defended her title without interference. It looks like some of the Bad Girls, decided to be Bad on their own (like Shayna Baszler at TakeOver: New York). To establish themselves as a true champion. 

Jordynne Grace was able to outpower Taya at many points of the match. You can see the powerbomb that she did on the champ on the ring apron. Looks painful! I didn't expect else from the challenger. She is strong and she must use her strength to dominate as much as it was possible. It's for the title and you can't risk many new moves.

Valkyrie, on the other hand, is someone who can capitalize on the other people's weaknesses, and that makes a dangerous strategist in the ring, aside from her international experience. That's a key factor for every heel champion - to carefully wait for her opponent to slip over. In the case, Taya injured Grace and add insults to the wound! Reversals, kickoffs, comebacks and everything ends with the Road to Valhalla finisher...  


I love that they put Taya as strong and independent (heel) Champion. I really can't wait to see her defending against Madison Rayne and I think that we have a new chapter opened in Valkyrie's career. 

Jordynne is really talented but it wasn't the right time. Overall, she put a high-level performance and her title reign is waiting for her in the nearest future.


I won't get childish, by reminding you that I have said that I want Tessa to win, because this win is important for her career, while Gail Kim has already accomplished everything and has an undying legacy, behind her.

I shot into the nowhere and I got wrong! I picked Gail Kim because I was not sure who will win. Because both women deserve it, but there could be only one.

Let me remind you that this is Gail Kim's final match. Final at all! She is retiring. Officially. Part of me thought that they might award her with the last title reign like WWE did with Trish Stratus. But they decided not to and that was a good decision, related to the statements I made at the beginning of this part off the post. Gail has it all - all one wrestler could dream. She's one of the best, woman who has gone through the two USA biggest promotions, the woman who builds the KO division and Legacy (with some help from others). What else she could dream? She just decided to help someone who is worthy to earn more heat in her career. I am proud of that Impact and Kim's final booking!

In the end, Tessa Blanchard hugged with Kim! It as a nice gesture and priceless show of respect and I think that Blanchard realizes it very clearly. It's a big and important victory. For me, it was the biggest at this point in her career. From here, she can climb higher! Thanks to Kim. 


I am totally happy with the twist in this match. It once again shows us that Kim is a real Legend and she is not afraid to put someone over her. Especially someone so talented as Tessa Blanchard. Gail Kim legacy is in good hands for sure.


Really nice card, with this surprising intergender match. Great results. I like it.

I still think that they might be added Rosemary, Kiera Hogan, and Su Yung, to it, but it's OKAY! Maybe four women's matches would be too much for one card and there must be something left for the future PPVs. Right?

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