Thursday, 25 April 2019


Taped around WrestleMania 35 this episode presented one women's match. Actually, there are almost 1 match per-show. The NXT UK division is growing, yet, but every singles match in it is a high-quality showdown! This week they had a guest from the US NXT and it's nice to see that battle. 


The WWE NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm entered the ring to send a message.

She talked how happy she is with NXT UK women's division mentioning most of its names, saying a word about her battle with Jinny and stating that she will be glad to face them. Toni promised that she will stay champion as long as she can. 

While making her way out, she was interrupted by Kay Lee Ray, who she forgot to name as part of the roster (maybe, because of her (and Piper Niven's) profile absence from the site of WWE). KLR pointed out her mistake and entered the ring to 'greet' their guest from the original WWE NXT!


Hm, that was quick and promising build up! It wasn't just 'The Champ Talk'. I think that the creatives are opening the door for a future title match between these two stunning women and we are anticipated about it. 


The match was interesting. Not only because I am a huge fan of the UK Women's division, but it was interesting and really technical. 

It was raw wrestling.

Kay Lee Ray's style these days is less daring or I think that she might keep the best for the right moment. She used a lot of hits and kicks to take down her opponent, throw her in the corner's ring-post. KLR was pure brutal, domination, most of the match.

Li also traded some kicks especially the one that she used to nail KLR. It was a really interesting move, as Kay avoided the first kick and then she falls, a victim of the next, one. Xia just quickly jump-spined her legs. It was her best moment. 

In the end, Kay Lee Ray finished the match with her, announced as a Widow's Peak finisher leaving Li flat on the mat. Now, this was a statement.


I will start with something unusual. I liked the commentary. It was informative and really drive us into the action and the storylines in and out of the ring. I like the moment when the commenting voice told us that 'Now Tonis Storm should know who Kay Lee Ray is for sure' (something like that). 

The match was sort of pure wrestling with a lot of classic moves. I don't have anything to say about KLR except that she is really a bullseye - WWE NXT UK hit the jackpot with her and the rest of the latest signees. Now their division is ready to stand next to the rest brands and for me, it's even better at some levels. 

Xia Li! I am happy to see her wrestling. We were reminded about her accomplishments to the moment - two appearances in Mae Young Classic and one at Royal Rumble, as well that she is on NXT's TV Roster. I love the fact that she is the first Chinese woman to step in the ring of WWE -  I love when WWE gets diverse. She's really good, well-prepared thanks to the martial arts and I love her kicks, but I hope to see MORE... They need to add more moves to her style. Maybe she could bring some from her background training and modify them for the pro wrestling needs, or maybe the coaches might suggest her several athletic, even risky moves that will add more excitement to her style. The euphoria of her being the first Chinese which bring s curiosity and interest will end soon and she is someone, who has a talent and please WWE/NXT don't waste it.  

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