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After a win in a singles competition, this week we saw eventually the conclusion of a rivalry (I hope not I still want one more singles match). On the other hand, this tag team battle was the first officially ending with a victory for a new talent who was the mysterious partner.


Candice LeRae was electrifying!

Candice LeRae is on the roll and she is not the only one!

Her mysterious partner who appeared to be not any other but Kacy Catanzaro was great as always. The mighty Kacy had her momentum in the match which was epic. She and Le Rae worked great as a team. The same can be said for the team of Aliyah and Vanessa Borne, who become more and more competitive and firm working with every match they have. Really great teamwork for both teams.

For 6 min. they gave us maximum entertainment with a lot of great spots. 
Aliyah attacking!

The match started with Kacy facing Aliyah and the second one demonstrating how athletic she is, just to be outshined by Kacy's trademark handstand on the rope headscissors with a twist. Then Vanessa Borne entered and bring her usual great technique to the mat as she and Aliyah used every opportunity to brutalize Catanzaro, who took some beat down, just to outsmart her opponents and reversing their double suplex attempt into a double neckbreaker secure a hot tag with LeRae.
Both Borne and Aliyah have great chemistry as a tag team. Despite taking a lot of bumps Kacy Catanzaro was an embodiment of perfection, as well

Man! LeRae's dynamic was ... WOW! The audience purely enjoyed her entry and there was a reason for it. From a perfectly executed top rope dropkick to baseball slide kick on Aliyah outside the ring which usually is a regular move, but she performed it like a 100 bucks! As action reached its final point, Candice executed a graceful and flawless Lionsault/Quebrada on fiery Borne to win the match for her team.

In a post-match interview, both Catanzaro and LeRae share their excitement of working together and even planned to reach the women's tag team belts picture.


I like that match. All the competitors. All the in-team chemistry. LeRae and Catanzaro worked well together despite not showing us a tag team maneuvers like Borne and Aliyah did. I need to see more from Mighty Kacy and Mrs. Gargano before they could reach the spot where they are ready to challenge the WWE Women's Tag team Champions. They have a long way to walk. 

Actually, I am seeing them more like singles competitors, because I want to see them both fighting with Shayna Baszler. The idea of a tag team of their own is not bad, but they can delay it. And I want to see Candice in a match against Borne, so they could totally close that page (she defeated Aliyah, defeated them as a tag team, so let her face Vanessa and to conclude it at this stage. For now). I think that Kacy could have a lot of matches against Baszler & co, Vanessa Borne & Aliyah - singles and tag team (with Lacey Lane, Xia Li and Taynara, oh and Dakota Kai as tag team partners). That would be a great strategy before we see her and LeRae trying to get into the title pictures. 

I like the team of Aliyah and Vanessa. They need some more heat as villains to reach to the point where they could challenge for the tag team gold and they don't need to be winners all the time (well some victories won't hurt). I think that they are developing as a tandem and their work is really great!


Really nice match! Everything was perfect for me and I just want to see what's next for all of the four women. It's nice that Kacy is finally included in the NXT TV roster, as well!

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